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Projects / Re:[WIP] La Venganza Del Toro - a yeti3D horror game
« en: Octubre 20, 2017, 03:10:55 am »
So, as its probably going to come as no surprise to others - I'm not working on this game anymore. I'm not actually working on anything :(

Yeti3D is too limiting to use plus Bennus community is mostly in Spanish or is only roughly translated to English, and I'm having problems understanding how to do things. I might try Cartengena3D when I can, as ive been given an old windows laptop and can probably try to get things running on it, so I wont have to just use my Macbook.

l1nk3rn3l let me know if you want the game files so far and I'll upload them somewhere.

- BC

Helpdesk / Re:Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 29, 2017, 08:00:57 am »
Yes! That works, fantastic. Although I had to type it all out by hand, for some reason copy pasting it into the program and compiling gave errors about unrecognized charecters.... :S

Okay - will credit you under that name :) thanks a bunch!!!

Helpdesk / Re:Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 29, 2017, 05:58:21 am »
Okay, seems I spoke too soon - there's a bug in the function.  :(

The RangeOfView function says the player is looking at the other model both when it's looking towards it, and looking in the exact other direction. Maybe something to do with how turn / .t wraps around? I'm not sure...

Helpdesk / Re:Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 29, 2017, 03:32:41 am »
Fantastic - just tried this and it worked, thanks l1nk3rn3l. I had a function like this for a previous project I was working on but it only took into account angles, not the turn / .t value that Yeti3D uses - and you're the person who knows the most about Yeti3D, so thanks again :D

Will credit you in game credits - what name should I use?


Helpdesk / Re:Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 28, 2017, 09:00:52 am »
Okay, thank you - but I tried that code and it still does not work.

See these images, they may explain my problem better -

Okay, so I've drawn onto these screenshots the players cone of vision/line of sight. It is an area marked in red in front of the player model, accounting for their turn/angle. In the above screenshot, the object is in front of the players line of sight, and the program says it is, so it is fine. But:

Here, the object is out of the player charecters vision - they are not facing it, and the program still says that it is in their line of sight.

Does this help explain the problem? I need to be able to tell when one entity is looking at another. (Not turn that entity to face it, but to tell if one entity is already looking at another)

Helpdesk / Re:Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 28, 2017, 03:50:04 am »
Update: I've tried YETI_ENTITY_LINE_OF_SIGHT(playerpos, objectpos) and it doesnt work. It says there is always line of sight - but I want to check what's in front of playerpos, accounting for their turn / .t - not having any success so far :(

Projects / Re:[WIP] La Venganza Del Toro - a yeti3D horror game
« en: Agosto 27, 2017, 05:14:53 am »

Bennu survival..

Cool Project ...!!

hehe :) its likely to be a mix of adventure game, survival and horror - hope it'll be lots of fun when its done!

By the way, l1nk3rn3l - do you know how to make .o3d sprites for Yeti3D? I downloaded the packs from the sourceforge and nothing in there seems to work... I need to make some effect sprites like rain, smoke, fire, sparks etc

Projects / [WIP] La Venganza Del Toro - a yeti3D horror game
« en: Agosto 26, 2017, 11:25:58 am »
Hi all!

So as you may of seen, Ive decided to see if I can make a full game using Yeti3D. It probably won't be too long of a game, since it's quite labour intensive to make, but it should be fun all the same :D

It's a third person/fixed camera survival horror game called La Venganza Del Toro - a black and white hammer horror movie inspired, PS1 influenced horror tale. Current features include a small inventory and operate/inspect options to explore your surroundings, and one basic puzzle - in the future there will be combat, more puzzles, chase sequences, and possibly stealth and RPG elements :)

Have some screenshots! <3

Hopefully if this project goes well, I will attempt other 3D games in Yeti3D in the future.

- Dani

Helpdesk / Re:Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 25, 2017, 07:04:19 am »
I already do use vars in entity - if I want to turn the object, I use This manipulates the turn (t) by using tt as momentum.

Returns TRUE if two entities have a line of sight.

So, does this mean if there are no walls between the two entities - OR does it mean if entity1 is looking at and can see entity 2, using entity.t as the looking at angle? Because just there being no obstacles between two entities is not what I mean.

What needs to happen is that one entity needs to be able to see another entity, within 45 degrees of its line of sight - not just for there to be no obstacles between the two entities. Understand? :D

Helpdesk / Yeti3D and angles
« en: Agosto 25, 2017, 05:23:24 am »
Hey all

So I've been making something in Yeti3D recently, and I've hit upon a problem. I'm trying to make environmental objects the player can inspect from any side, provided that they're looking towards the object. I've been using a function that Ecko wrote, a long time ago, to fix Bennu/Fenix/DIVs angle wraparound issue, however after a few hours of programming I've discovered angles don't work the same way in Yeti3D - for one, the maximum turn (t, Yeti3Ds version of angle - for looking around using the X axis) that an entity can have isnt as high as the default Bennu angle variable.

What I've been trying is this:

Código: [Seleccionar]
players_angle=playerpos.t; // in player process, after LOOP;


// in environmental object process
if (exists(type player));
    player_id=get_id(type player);
check_player_angle=closest_angle(players_angle, lookatme_angle);

if (yeti_getdistance(placeholdermodelpos, playerpos)<col_radius and check_player_angle<col_span);
// do thing


// closest angle process
function closest_angle(angle1, int angle2); // Thanks Ecko :)

    if (result>180000)
        if (result<-180000);
    if (result<0);
    return (result);

I'm just not getting good results - is there something I'm missing, or something someone else could suggest for some good check-if-the-player-is-looking-at-something code??

Thanks guys


Extensions / Re:YETI3D PRO engine DLL
« en: Agosto 25, 2017, 04:59:33 am »
Fantastic, thanks! Will try this soon.

Does this mean that Yeti3D is still recieving updates as a project?

Resources / Re:Spanish voice request! :) / Solicitud de clip de voz :)
« en: Agosto 24, 2017, 07:24:37 am »
Fantastic! Yes this is perfect. Thank you so much :D

How would you like to be credited in-game? Like by what name? :)

Resources / Re:Spanish voice request! :) / Solicitud de clip de voz :)
« en: Agosto 22, 2017, 10:36:31 am »
Well ideally something like the voice in the Resident Evil intro - see here:  but to be honest, anything that is a male voice with a Spanish accent would be fine, ideally a little menacing ;)

Resources / Spanish voice request! :) / Solicitud de clip de voz :)
« en: Agosto 22, 2017, 04:30:17 am »
Hi all!!

So I've started working on a little game in Yeti3D, as it's the only Bennu 3D mode that'll work on my laptop at the moment. It's not going to be very long, I just wanted to provide a practical example of a full game made in Yeti3D.

I'm looking to give it a Resident Evil style opening, with someone reading the name of the game out in a male voice - but the name of the game is a Spanish phrase - "La Venganza Del Toro" - so someone with a Spanish accent would be good. Are there any guys who would be willing to record their voice? You'll get a game credit and karma points :)




¡Hola! Estoy usando google translate para esto lo siento si no tiene sentido.

Estoy buscando un clip de voz de un tipo con un acento español que dice "La venganza del toro" para la pantalla de título de mi nuevo juego Yeti3D. ¿Podría alguien ayudar? Le acreditaré en juego y le daré algo de karma de foro. ¡¡Gracias!!



General / Re:Mode 8
« en: Agosto 19, 2017, 03:44:42 pm »
Hooray!! In that case perhaps I'll be able to use Cartagena3D after all - either that or Yeti3D once youve updated it with higher resolutions :) sending more karma your way!! Thanks for the advise <3

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