PUZSION, the game.

Started by Hokutoy, December 03, 2009, 10:10:01 PM

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Hi all!
First of all... sorry for my bad engrish  ;)

I'm Hokutoy and Puzsion will be my second videogame... so i'm a newbe programer. (My first BennuGD game!)
Puzsion it's a puzzle game very similar to MagicMatch games. Your goal is to make "chains" of 3 or more "jewels" that are one beside the next one.
It's a fast, simple, fun and  stylus oriented Puzzle game.
My girlfriend loves this kind of videogame so i'm makind Puzsion for her... and for the prize!!!  ;D

My first idea was to make a Puzsion a very dinamic and colorfull Puzzle game using more than 50 "skins" to make the graphic's game interesting and variated... but the time limit and the rule of no use of "ripped" gfx changed my mind.
Anyway multiskin and usermade skins will be a future "plugin" or update after contest release.

For the contest i'm making the gfx myself so don't expect much!  :-\

Some screens of the first versions:

New screens and worklog next time!


I made some video to show you how the gameplay looks.


It's a pity but the cool SF2 skin is out for the contest because of the rules but my friend Amzg is making some great gfx for the game.