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Started by stuckie, June 08, 2010, 11:17:40 PM

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I've been prodded by Sandman to post this here:
It's the Bennu runtime and all modules for Pandora.

It works; I tested Danger Quest (Wiz Version) with it, though the screen size was quite small and the buttons were obviously a bit mangled.
For reference, here's the script I used to run it:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../bgd-runtime
export PATH=../bgd-runtime:$PATH

bgdi monster.dcb

Which seems to follow the standard for the Wiz games?

Anyway.. it was a fairly quick port, so hopefully I didn't bugger anything up :)


Download Lastest BennuGD Release:


Great News!!! The problem is how i get a Pandora in a month !?


Thanks a lot, stuckie. I'll post the news to the main site :)


I've uploaded your package to the BennuGD server and added the pandora port to the downloads page, if you'd like me to link to your server instead please let me know.

I'll publish an article later.


Wow, good job.
I was thinking to do the same to BeagleBoard, but i don't have any interface to interact (i can't use USB keyboard or mouse ???).

I hope this encourage to new coders and help to grow both comunities.
Hala, como con 1001 procesos sólo va a 9 FPS, vamos a meterle 32 veces más, a ver si revienta.
(Drumpi epic moment)


Quote from: josebita on June 09, 2010, 09:16:40 AM
I've uploaded your package to the BennuGD server and added the pandora port to the downloads page, if you'd like me to link to your server instead please let me know.

I'll publish an article later.

Well technically it's still marked as a "quick port" till I get some more people to test it, then it'll be up on the more official Pandora download sites :)
But feel free to link to it anywhere you wish.. it's not going to be moved from my server, and if I update it at all, I'll be posting here too.


I published a short article on this a few days ago :)
Feel free to comment if you have any further issues.


*blows dust off thread*

Was my thread originally anyway  ;D

I've just built the latest source on Pandora.
You can find the runtime here:

Build Instructions:
The build script I used is: and uses sebt3's funky toolchain setup ( though slightly fiddled with a bit so that pndconfigure is a bit more global and accessible.. if you don't want to do that, just go into each folder and run pndconfigure first, then run the script to make and copy things about. )
Only out of place thing you have to do is build libdes and put it in your library path, and copy the mod* files into a data folder it seems... as my test game wouldn't find anything without doing that.

Run Instructions:
Extract the runtime somewhere ( folder/bgd-runtime, for example )
Extract a game somewhere ( folder/mygame, for example )
Then, just use a basic shell script like the above one, or quickly use:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../bgd-runtime:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ../bgd-runtime/bgdi ./MyGame.dcb

From your game's folder ( folder/mygame, in this instance ) and it should work.

I did a quick test with one game I was asked to test for the Caanoo and it seemed to work fine ( albeit in a window, and without proper button mapping - pretty sure it was using the default keyboard map as the controls ended up using the dpad, and Z/X on the keyboard as action buttons. )

Again, as with everything I do, this is a "quick dodgy hack" till some people test it.
Sadly, I don't actually use Bennu myself, and work's a bit mental at the moment as we're about to release something, so I can't fully test it myself.

If there's any issues, or a new version gets released or something, feel free to give me a prod.. I jump about projects quite a bit and generally do more than I should, so prodding me somehow is usually a good way to get my attention to stop things stagnating ;)


Thanks a lot stuckie for my request, i'm Geca from gp32x forums.
I'm on vacations, so i don't see them before. Thanks :)


Josebita: Can you update the download link at the download page ?
Please, label the zip with r244.

Stuckie: For the next release it's better you define a new os_id for pandora in the compilation (actually it's the same of linux port, os_id = 1).


I'll do it later, thanks for noticing!