Suggestions on the new "What's Bennu?" page?

Started by josebita, April 28, 2009, 12:10:24 AM

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I've updated the "What's Bennu?" page on The idea is to make bennu interesting for a newcomer, not to list all its features.
Taking that into account, do you have any suggestions or comments?


Good going there, looks nice. I like the addition of pictures; I can make the missing one for you when I have time. I still have a few remarks:

- It's not clear what the user should download.
- Extending point 1: dlls-externals-mandatory-pack.rar is not obvious either (not directly related of course)
- Nothing about the special language (processes, frames).
- Maybe link to beginner's tutorial
- "Although officially it is only supported on Windows and Linux" -> I didn't know this
- Picture should be explained a bit, maybe a caption like "here we see blabla".
-- Sandman


I created two more images, and temporarily uploaded them to my picasaweb page, but it looks like picasaweb doesn't load. In total, I placed three images.
I'll try to fix that.

[Update] I'll work on the others, too :)