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Started by josebita, September 17, 2010, 11:44:50 PM

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I'm creating some simple FMOD Ex bindings for BennuGD, not only for playback but also for mic. processing. Yesterday I got microphone spectrum analysis (FFT) working, and it's pretty simple to use. The module's API is not yet finished, but I have it working in Linux, MacOS X and win32. If anybody is willing to give it a try, please let me know.

PS: The bars on the bottom-left part of the window are actually the spectrum as captured by my computer's mic. As I was speaking softly, they're small in size and as they are pretty low-freq, they're in the left part of the screen.


I give a try to the photo, if you want i try something else, let me know  ;D ;D


As promised, the example code for a very simple mic spectrum analyser.

MacOS X:

* As I said, the API in still unfinished. Some functions/global vars might change their name or the way they need to be used.

* MacOS X: Uncrompress in a path without spaces and double click the .app file inside.
* Windows: Uncrompress and run main.exe
* Linux: Uncompress to a route without spaces and double-click

* You can also use the MacOS X package as a packaging example for your games in MacOS X. As long as the path to the file doesn't cantain spaces, it'll work fine.
* The MacOS X & win32 packages contain the latest binary version of BennuGD. The Linux version assumes BennuGD is already installed in your system, as done by the official installer or the packages in my PPA.