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Started by josebita, November 04, 2010, 10:46:19 PM

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Quote from: DoctorN on July 17, 2011, 03:34:36 PM
Eh apple products shouldn't have bennu.
Well, they already do. :)


Why shouldn't apple users have bennu?
It is not the worst operating system, although I find it sad that apple products
have rather stupid limitations sometimes (you know it Steve's way or the highway :D),
but although I don't have a mac, I always wanted one a couple of years back.
Nowerdays I don't care, I think they are overpriced.

But still It is a platform with a reasonable (and growing) userbase, and macos
shows what a unix style system can be. Unbuntu is nice, but software installation
is still a nightmare when a newer version of a program (lazarus in my case) hasn't been
updated in the repository. debian packages sometimes make me want to pull out my
hair! ;D Super OS (based on ubuntu) has a much nicer packaging system very similair
to macos.

I would love to see macos to be officially supported, simply because it can expose
more developers to bennu, and enlarge the amount of users of our creations.


In a way, mac and windows and linux are all the same because they use a unix kernel. Macs are good because you know the software will run on it. Windows is better because everything is cheaper and you can go more expansive. Linux is linux.


Windows and Linux don't use a unix kernel :)
Anyway, the point was to warn macosx users, I'll try to update the builds asap when people confirm that the patches work.


Windows cheaper?? ??? Where did you get that wisdom from?
Anyway, windowsNT (not 9x) is based on the foundations of os/2 (they share the same heritidge).
MacOSX is build of the foundations of next step, wich uses the mach kernel. On top of that runs a
bsd subsystem, and it appears to be a posix compatible system and it is technically a unix.

GNU/Linux is a unix clone. Uses a lot of stuff you'll find on unix style systems, but it's origins are
not derived from the orginal unix or bsd tree. It started as the GNU system from Richard Stallaman,
And in 1991 the Linux kernel from Linus Torvalds became it's "official" kernel, because Hurd kerel from
GNU itself wasn't ready. Alot of OS'es are either based of unix or are clone or are somewhat inspired
by it. Heck, even the windowsNT family has some unix style features. :D

Rumour has it that the playstation 3's OS is based on FreeBSD!  :) (It's very populair in the embedded


I have just updated to Lion and it seems like old binaries are working just fine (at least, they seem to be working as they did before).
If snybody finds any new issues, please let me know.


I've recompiled the OSX binaries.
Until I can get them in the main site, you can grab them from here:

They've been compiled from the official sources and include all the latest changes (including background resource loading stuff) and correspond to revision 284 of the official sources.
Sources have been minimally modified so that they compile and work in Mac but no other changes have been performed (ie: no 32bpp for you!)