Started by josebita, November 07, 2010, 09:57:08 AM

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I've just uploaded a new MacOS X build of my karaoke app Kantaoke. I've not included tone detection yet (although it's coming soon) but it already includes the following features:
* UTF-8 text rendering for your lyrics, with complex text support (based on Pango).
* FMOD Ex based sound playback.
* VLC based video playback.
* Many other nifty features.

If you have a Mac and want to give it a try, here's the link:

Just a couple quick notes:
* You must copy the application the the Applications system folder, otherwise fonts won't render.
* When you run the app, it might go blank for a few seconds. This is totally normal and will only happen the first time, please don't force-close it.

I'd really appreciate your feedback on this.

[Edit] Ups! I just realised that I forgot to include simple MPEG support to the libVLC plugins subfolder. Newer video formats should work just fine. If anybody finds it useful, please let me know and I'll attach the plugins, as they're really small.


I have updated the source code to try to avoid a crash on the menu caused by a naughty process. You can get the updated source code (replace it in the game folder, then relaunch it and changes should auto-apply) from here:


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