Interest in a chrome based HTML renderer extension?

Started by josebita, December 28, 2010, 12:32:01 AM

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Some time ago, I heard about Berkelium, which is a library that basically wraps the whole Chromium browser and allows you to render whole HTML webpages (with javascript, CSS & all) inside your games.
My question is: is there any interest for such a library within Bennu?
As I don't code too much Bennu code lately (must finish that damm karaoke game sometime...) and I imagine it'll take quite a bit of time for me to do it, I wanted to know if anybody would actually use it before actually starting coding it.
Obviously, I wouldn't start doing it inmediately as I have to study quite a bit and then finish a couple other projects before, but I'd add it to the TODO list. If there's no interest for such a thing, I won't do it.

One downside is that the library would be BIG. As you can see from the binary downloads page @ the berkelium site, the linux32 build is 14MiB compressed, and around 54MiB uncompressed. It'd support win32, linux & MacOS X.

[Edit] Some videos of the concept in action:


Well, I like the idea, but I think it's not as urgently needed as a gui library. Personally, I feel more need for this then a html engine.
Consider it as something for the long-term.  I'd  really like to see gui.dll being updated for bennnu, or some wrappers for the sdl gui libraries
Agar and sdl widgets. Being limited to Windows, linux and Mac os isn't much of a problem I guess, Haiku os is still a developers os that not many people use, and mobile platforms propbably haven't got enough ram/power for this. Right now I use zenity in combination with shell scripts in my malvado editor, It's portable within some margins, but of course is not really a proper gui solution, only just a workaround for me, since I didn't feel writing my own file selection dialogboxes, since I could never create one as good as gtk2/windows/mac/ file selector dialogs.

Sdl widgets: