Challenge of Vejita: Return of the prince

Started by Jongf7, May 26, 2011, 09:28:52 AM

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I re-created this game with the FPG of an old DIV game of mine. The game is the same for a big part, but I added some extras such as English translation and High-Scores.

You play the game with the mouse, shoot rocks to get points and collect sensu-beans that fall out of them to keep up your stamina. Get your stamina up over 200 to transform into super sayan, but transform back if it gets under 50 again.
You need stamina to be able to shoot energy balls, but if you run out, it will slowly refill up to 2 stamina.

If you reach 1.000.000 power level and you will permanently transfer to super sayan and win the game.

You can download the game from booleansoup.


-   Story

-   Normal gameplay

-   Super Sayan gameplay

-   High Scores


Download Lastest BennuGD Release:


I finaly mannaged to beat my own game! 

Notise how your name will be written in gold if you beat 1.000.000 powel level.

Any one had a try yet?