Combat Arena ( spanihs game )

Started by haitortiya, July 11, 2011, 09:04:52 PM

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First, tell you that I am a Spanish program, I just want to show you my video game, is totally in Spanish but easily understood, menus and all. Possible spelling errors I feel I do not speak English very well

Arena Combat (Final Version)
Game based on battles in different ways, either in multiplayer mode, get to destroy the enemy, using the special skills and control of mana. And the single player mode, where the level of difficulty increases progressively to get to kill all the enemies and destroy the final boss.

Programmed in a language based in Phoenix, Bennu Game Development, planned entirely by Roman Aitor Ibañez. Graphics, referring to menus, entirely made by me (Haitortiya), characters, maps and scenes, holding other games
Game designed from nonprofit, designed in code "Easy" to learn from it as an initiation to the game length.

Long ago, on the adjacent mountains of paramo lost, there are about Asia, lost in clouds of war still full of blood, was a great castle, full of lust treasures. One day when the world was going to succumb finally to the power of Xenon III emperor, suddenly appeared, the king of this castle to defend the world from this slaughter. That same day, Xenon III, Watt king in battle, and stayed with its castle, and the world ... Today is your time, conquering the castle, and return peace to the world ...

Information and Improvements
- Implementation of the new system, "AI 1.0 (maximum range)"
- Multiplayer mode, improved completely. 12 champions available for both players
- Resolution, manipulation and control of the game, improved
- Lack of fixed memory
- Most single player bugs, removed
- Central memory system variable (Gives the game a better management of RAM memory, loading and unloading the same, levels)
- Concepts of "objective" in place for better interaction

I designed a website where all users can still play the game details. Extra downloads such as maps, characters and others, I used to play, and may even comment on bugs and other so you can keep improving the game slowly. The website is completely finished, in design.

Thanks and Credits
My first thanks go to the organization of Trinità (Computer Association of Zaragoza). I also thank Bennu Game Development.
Organizer, programmer, designer and analyst, Roman Aitor Ibañez (Haitortiya)


Download game


Thanks for its attention to my game, comments are appreciated. Greetings to all
Mi pagina web, donde cuelgo todos mis Proyectos

Gracias por entrar y ver su contenido

El Ultimo Dominador!!!!