Text Binary Clock - v.1.0 - Released

Started by gigios, June 09, 2011, 11:57:39 AM

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This is my first 'technical' post  ::)

From an idea by the user zip, I was inspired to begin learning Bennu (with a lot of difficulty).
After some testing, and support of Zip, this is the result I got, now in strictly text format.

Is a simple program that displays time in BCD or pure binary.
It should also be optimized, especially the display of text, but it has served as the beginning and then I wanted to share with you my result.


Sorry for Italian text:

Ore = Hours
Minuti = Minutes
Secondi = Seconds
decimale = decimals

this is the source:

I accept all suggestions for improving the project.
Zip is already working on a graphical version.
More details, in Italian, available on: OpenConsole.it/forum


My English is not very good  :P

Update 15-06-2011:

Release 1.0 http://dl.openhandhelds.org/



Nice, great way to learn a new language!
Torres Baldi Studio


I have a real binary clock!

karma for you!
Download Lastest BennuGD Release: http://www.bennugd.org/node/2


My english is very bad. :D

Si quieres ser sabio, aprende a interrogar razonablemente, a escuchar con atención, a responder serenamente y a callar cuando no tengas nada que decir.





New Update: Version 0.6 [All text are now in English]

I changed the display part of the text, in this way is not necessary to use an external font (fnt file) but the system font.

This version is now compatible with the wiz (and I think even with caanoo).
In the previous version the program would not start. I discovered, with the help of RZZ and Zip (two Italian users very active in our community), that the problem was in the font.
I created a font without extended symbols and works, except that the space char does not have the same width as the other characters and the layout is not uniform (the font is a 'Courier New', a monospaced font).

Ok, this is my new version (I tried to comment everything for a better understanding):


Regards  ;)


After some new changes I have released the new version, compatible with Wiz.

It is possible download all, binary and sourcecode, form http://dl.openhandhelds.org/




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