[Mini-contest] Design our new forum theme

Started by josebita, September 22, 2011, 08:31:44 PM

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You've got 15 days to design a theme for the forums that's related to BennuGD. It doesn't need to be like the current one and it doesn't need not to be.
We're using SMF 2.0.1, for which you can find other themes here. You can use them as templates for your own themes as long as the themes' license don't state otherwise.

Once your entry is finished, please email it to me or to SplinterGU.

Also, in order to create your theme, you'll probably want to have a local installation of SMF. It's fairly easy to install and you only need a webserver (Apache or Cherokee recommended) with PHP & sqlite support. The recommended method of installation is by using the Webinstall package from here. If you need help with the installation, please let me know in other thread by MP, mail or twitter; please only use this thread for entries and for discussion about the contest itself.

The prize? A huge feeling of self-steem, out personal gratitude and your name in the forum credits.

Thanks a lot for your help! Hope to see your entries!


Izubiaurre just sent us the first entry for the contest! Do you think you can beat him? Send us your entries!