OpenGL DLL for Bennu

Started by Sandman, July 16, 2008, 12:16:45 AM

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Hi Sandman!

pWhat is the idea for this plugin? Make all the graphic operations through OpenGL and so, faster than making by software?


Yep, every graphical operation is to be handled correctly. The current design is opengl/software hybrid to allow faster operations for maps not used on the screen and pixel manipulation.
-- Sandman


Sandman, what is the state of this project? Do you continue working in? I think that it's very interesting, thanks for you work.


Yes I'm still working on it. The status is pretty much working completely. I've got a weird problem with drawing graph to graph using B_TRANSLUCENT atm, but it'll get fixed soon enough.
-- Sandman


What about this project? Where can we download and try it?
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I don't think so... sandman is missing in action... :(
Download Lastest BennuGD Release:


OMG this would be great to have! Does anyone know where Sandman is now?
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Well, he has some interesting code (including a kind of airplane planning simulator called "flight") floating in his SVN repos:

He looks to have played with llvm, and other stuff, juding from what can be seen there


Hmmm. Ut twente! Funny, that's in the area where I live! I know the university campus. I studied in eschede myself (but not at the university, I'm not an academic). I actually visit that city occasionally.



just a technical question, cause I don't know Bennu's source code.

Is it possible to replace SDL with OpenGL?
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Quote from: JaViS on March 29, 2012, 11:06:57 PM

just a technical question, cause I don't know Bennu's source code.

Is it possible to replace SDL with OpenGL?
Yes, it's possible although not desirable in most circumstances. To be clear:
SDL does a lot of things and is arguably the best multi-platform library to do them:
* Input device handling (keyboard, mice, touch, jostick...)
* Window-manager related tasks (creating windows, setting window title, icons...)
* Clipboard management
* ...

And actually, we don't want to replace it there because those are working extremely well. What would be interesting to have is an OpenGL/OpenGL ES based blitter that can do everything that BennuGD does internally in some of it's libraries, just much more efficiently.
If those new libraries were written well enough, it'd be a matter of replacing the dlls in a normal installation and things would work beautifully :)


Understood! makes sense :)
Working on Anarkade. A couch multiplayer 2D shooter.