BLina - Bennu Linear Algebra (Library)

Started by juansrx, June 04, 2012, 06:24:31 PM

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Good Afternoon

This is my first "release" of a minipoject writen in Bennu named Blina. Blina offers some functions to deal with Linear Algebra at a very basic level (vector and array manipulation): The first release introduces the BLVector library: A set of functions representing basic operations on vectors (sum, substraction, scalar multiplication, etc). Also, I included two test programs, the first one only shows the results of these operations over a set of example vectors, the second program (a bit slow), is an "real aplication", of this library.

Maybe by itself this set of libraries are not essencial, but maybe for a bigger proyect it might be useful. BLina is licenced under the GPL (for now), so you can use it freely as you like.

Any sugestion, comment, question, etc can be posted here.

Thank you.