Other engines for ps2?

Started by Spikes, October 08, 2014, 05:23:05 AM

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I am looking around and am wondering 'what other 3d or physics engine will the ps2s emotion engine support?'
It's not that i don't like yeti, but i would like some format options when it comes to maps. I know of the irrlicht wrapper and it's physics options and will try them (as well as ogre, possibly). I personally like bullet physics, but read somewhere that it didn't work on ps2. Sorry if this is just me being selfish or noobish, just started thinking and got myself confused 0ver all of it.


ps2 is a excelent console but very limit in memory

yeti3d use low cpu/mem profile

use a physics engine could be very cpu/mem intensive


bennugd is focused a newbie developers ...   physic engine is complicated