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Started by Fourty-1, May 27, 2014, 01:55:47 AM

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So I read through the other thread about trying to get A600's code to compile. After a lot of fiddling and not a lot of progress from Linux + OpenXDK, I decided I'd try to switch my building environment and see if I can get it to work with Windows. I've seen FreeYourMind having success, so I wonder what his build environment is. It's the official XDK and VS2003, no? And then it's just a compile?

If anyone can correct me or point me in a better direction much appreciated!

Also, as a late answer to FYM, I have 2 hacked Xbox's that are ready to have homebrew run on, and A600's port of bennu works on at least one of them. I just want to know what environment I should look to build in to quickly port a few things over.

Thanks guys!


- vs2003

- xdk

- libpng 1.4

- SDL_mixer-1.2.12

- zlib-1.2.5

- SDL-1.3.0-5538


Awesome, thanks! I'll set it up and report back later, hopefully with a successful build!

EDIT: Got VS and XDK installed, decided to try and see if it would complain about not having SDL, libPNG, or zlib not installed, and instead it complained I didn't have nasm. So I got a recent version of nasm installed, but VS doesn't seem to recognize it as of yet. I'm still playing around with this, but any ideas FreeYourMind?


Alright, so I finally managed to move along, albeit a lot slower than I wanted to. Unfortunately, now I have linking errors for external symbols from a few files. Time to set to work on those, and then hopefully I can get some kind of working binary out of it.

EDIT: And scratch that, as now apparently files from my XDK aren't compiling. Added some more exclusion flags to get around the Linking errors, and now files like d3dx8.h are complaining for mundane errors. Very frustrating.