BennuGD PlayStation 2 port Beta 3 - Hardware audio mixing!

Started by masteries, December 28, 2014, 11:55:15 PM

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This post reveals a new version of the BennuGD port for PlayStation 2 by Masteries.


-Replaces the horrible SDL_mixer port by a heavy modification of Cosmito mixer
-Now, audio mixing is performed via hardware at SPU2 processor
-Lets up to 16 mixing channels at 48KHz Stereo sound
-The audio mixer is capable to perform 12, 24 or 48 KHz sample frequency mixing
-Stereo and mono audio samples can be used together
-Tested on a real PlayStation 2, now the sound is clear.

There are some lack features, like volume change feature, I hope I can fix these with the collaboration of Splinter chief.

This link provides an example of this new port version, it is ready to be used and placed in an USB memory root:!qoxEiKIB!1f-duSm9jpmxyiIeOoo4a0PNKyj0VQ3yx9l86_3DWEQ

This is my contribution to the scene for these Christmas time,

Best Regards,


link down ... please update ... source code link