Android play service with BennuGD

Started by Grew, September 05, 2015, 02:10:30 PM

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There is a C++ library developped by Google to use Play Service in an Android application :
Do you think this is technically possible to develop a BennuGD DLL to implement the main Android Play Service (for exemple to connect the user, to unlock success, to share and get scores, etc...).
I know nothing (like jon snow) about DLL developpment for BennuGD. What do you think about this idea ? Do you think this is a realizable project ? Can somebody give me some help to put this project on the good rails ?

Thank you !
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Bennugd 2 will include new dlls in android with new features soon....

annotated suggestion


What are exactly these Android feature ?
Is there a estimated release date of BennuGD 2 ?
Does the team need some help ? How can I help you ?
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My game developer instagram :


Using the Google Play services is just a pain in the ass : most devs i know only use framework that supports it, not the play service itself.
Plus, it makes games crashing more often and decreases the compatibility on some devices, even with alternatives like OpenGApps.
If you don't need it then don't use it because it is more trouble than it is worth.