Matterrun- new Dreamcast homebrew made with BennuGD released

Started by FusekiGames, January 05, 2017, 02:02:00 AM

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The latest Fuseki Dreamcast game, Matterrun, has been released. The game started development with Fenix .84 for Dreamcast, but was ported over and finished with Indiket's update of the BennuGD Dreamcast runtime. The game itself is a battle between the player and enemy Seekers, both of whom are racing to find Matter Canisters. The player must find them and dispose of them by returning them to the Disposal Ship, and the Seekers are collecting them to build their Mothership. The player has a few powerups and the Concussion Wave weapon to help them with this task. The Seekers will attempt to steal any Canisters that the player has picked up. If the Mothership is constructed, it'll hunt the player down ruthlessly and attempt to destroy it.

I must mention a huge thanks goes to forum admin panreyes, who helped me fix the controls issue I was having with his advice; something that was right in front of me but just needed someone to point it out. A huge "DUH dummy!" goes to me :)

More information (with more screenshots and download) at

Ryo Suzuki



Quote from: Ryo Suzuki on January 08, 2017, 06:06:06 PM
Nice work!!

Are you using 320x240 and 30fps maybe?

640x480, running at 25 fps average. Sometimes it dips lower but very seldom. I could have gotten it higher but that would mean no music. The self-playing mode, without music, runs at about 28 fps. I tried frameskipping but that was much too choppy. The frame rate was another reason that I changed the background to a generated map instead of using tiles. The tiles slowed things down, plus the effect didn't look very good. I think it turned out pretty well at the frame rate it runs at. Thanks!

Ryo Suzuki

You can use CDDA tracks maybe...

I was having problems with music in .ogg, mod, etc... So I decided to use audio tracks with loop.