Mazinger Z Homebrew -Built in Bennu and for sale under license GNU-

Started by folken, September 26, 2017, 02:39:12 PM

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Hello to all the valuable members of the community, as usual through this post I share a modest news, I put on sale a video game created in BennuGD, I present to "Mazinger Z Homebrew", I published it under the GNU / GPL 3.0, respecting its content, distributed 2 discs, a DVD with the game ready to enjoy on a PlayStation2 and a second DVD that contains the source code in BennuGD and other extras such as manga, music, etc.

My business model operates in the GNU license mode, the game is free, but the money is charged for the costs of layout, distribution and shipping, for customers who want to get it printed and ready to enjoy.

Being GNU I also distribute it freely and free from Github:

You can download the isos to play on a PS2 or PCSX2 emulator. (contains a 1GB iso for NTSC consoles) (contains a 1GB iso for PAL consoles)


I also hope you can see the modest marketing commercial: (I make mention that it is created with BennuGD)

And finally if you are too busy to download and try it, I ask you to give me an entry to the official blog of the project, all this I do as an initiative to promote the Homebrew using as a basis BennuGD:

Any comments on the blog will be very grateful    ;D
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