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Título: Screenshots
Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 18, 2009, 02:09:35 am
Hello, guys:

I will put here some screenshots about the game BUT don't expect anything amazing. I don't know draw pixels, and i will show a bit of the game, just developement screens, not final screens, preventing some kind of ban ^^U

For now, i only have a final testing level... i mean, it's part of the real level i put in the game, but i'm testing it (playability, graphics and code). It's the first level, on a chaotic city in a near future.
The graphics are very simple and i think i need to do more tiles to give more colour and variety. The level plays well, there is some bugs but it's nice (two about level construction, a few more of movement).
For now, there is no enemies or items, and i expect them give more fun to the level, or you can complete it now in about 40 seconds ^^U And i'm talking of a 80x20 tiles level. Of course, it isn't complete level, just the first part (i want to make it longer than any map of "Cave Story"... or "metroid", if i can ^^U).

Enjoy it:

Título: Re: Screenshots
Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 31, 2009, 03:25:41 am
Hello, everyone.

I must'n show anything, because i have a few days to do the game and i can't do more than 2 levels... maybe 3.
But i think i can show a little more without auto-spoiling me.
If you like surprises, you musn't go down. As i said, i'm not good doing graphics, so my game is based more in level construction, playability and killing monsters.

This first one is the same as before, a little down, with some new tiles, a background color an one of the basic enemies of this zone (and the smarter one).

On this second, you can see a road to... well, i'm still don't know. Time will say ;D

Oh, my God! the disasters of war.

And watch a little of the new first level, a romantic walk in the night... Alone? oh, yes, the park is closed. Maybe tomorrow i will fill it with lovers and some owls.