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Título: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Noviembre 23, 2009, 04:59:41 pm
Hi everyone:

Now this forum is open to yours questions, answer and sugestions.
But please, don't reply THIS thread. This will be my work diary and will tell you how the project is, not day by day, but when i see true advances.

Today, i'm lazy mode. I slept bad and want to go bed and zzzzzzzz.
But i must work a little.
I'm doing the main character engine, the most boring and hard part of all the project. This may do the character move in any level, walking, jumping or firing, and must work perfectly. I'm basing on FenixLand engine, but i'm triying to make it simple (this time, the character have a height of 1 tile, against 2 of the "sonic" of FL) and fixing the hide-in-the-walls feature (prota walks until the center of graphic rises the side-top of tile).
But is truly complex because i forgot half code. I'm thinking to do a direct port of the engine, adapted to 1 tile height, but i musn't.

So... maybe i need to rest a little today and works seriously tomorrow. If i do this engine and works correctly, the next step is to make levels, graphics and some effects. Meanwhile, i must write the script and do some drawings of secondary characters, like the best friend of... (i don't know how to call the main character), and the bad guys.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Noviembre 26, 2009, 06:30:33 pm
Hi again:

Well, today is a tipical "good news, bad news".
The bad is... maybe i haven't time enough to finish this game properly. I must finish another project in February, maybe June, so make an adventure-platforms game will be very difficult.
But don't panic, i'm thinking to do a spin-off game based only in platforms and shooting, forgetting all related to a story (make an script, secondary characters, dialogs, extra animations...). I prefer to make a complete action game than a first part of an unfinished adventure game (because the second part maybe will be 1&2 part). Cave Story is more an action game than an adventure, but i will try (if i have time and all graphics finished).

The good part is... the main character engine go very good. Finally i find my "notebook" of FenixLand, and has a diagram about the "tiled-hardness engine" (motor de durezas tileadas), so i can adapt the source code from one to another.
No, is not a copy/paste, i must re-write most part of it, because FL uses a 2-tile-heighted character, and Doggy!!! main character is only 1 tile height, and must stop him before he reaches walls (in FL only stops when center of graphic reaches it).
Today i have the half of all this code, when i finish it, i will have a totally operational character, walking in any level i can do (and can launch a demo): it will walk, it will fall, it will jump... i will not fire, but give me some time.
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Publicado por: Windgate en Noviembre 26, 2009, 08:11:14 pm
Just take part in the contest, the project must be a KISS (Keep it simple stupid) or none of us will finish it... Everybody know how difficult is finish a project totally... Me the first xD
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Noviembre 28, 2009, 06:40:24 pm
And me, and me. I've got around 7 non finished projects ;D

Today i see tiles everywhere. The "tiled-hadrness engine" is almost over, now i need to move my character inside his own tile. But then i must match with bugs, with LOTS of bugs. I don't know how the character will go on, i HOPE it walks along the level OK, or i will become crazy.
No, i havn't new screenshots.

But i think i get a good name for
What about "Echo"?
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Noviembre 30, 2009, 12:35:38 am
Ok, today i re-wrote all the engine. It was a nightmare, but not too hard after all.
When i finished, i tried it, and said to myself:
"What a piece of junk!!!!"
Echo through the floor, the walls... awful!!!! So, i take a breathe and sart thinking. So i get FL code again and i start copying code line by line. When i get a few of them, i tried again and, abra cadabra! Echo works fine.
But it's not over, last lines i didn't have in mind some new features to this engine and Echo do some strange movements. I must polish it some more, because sometimes walks in the air, climb ramps in one step...
I hope i get it in two days, or i will copy line by line the FL engine whit minor changes and that's all. In tuesday i must been working in levels, graphics and weapons. Get good levels it's a hard work, even if i get some years of experience.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 03, 2009, 06:56:49 pm
Oh yeah!! Echo can walk, Echo can hit the walls, Echo can clib ramps, Echo can fall (in love? maybe, but not this game ;D), Echo can jump... sometimes.
Yes, there is a rare bug that prevents jump half times.
But the rest of movement is working fine. I copied almost all code of FL, and added a lot. With this aditions, Echo stops before through the walls, and don't fall untill it walk over the edge.

It's not the final movement engine, he can jump if climb a ramp at full speed like a car, so i will take this engine for future vehicles, and changing some lines y can do a full walking engine.
But, before it, i must solve the jump issue.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 04, 2009, 05:17:54 pm
Today, i must do an auto-owned.
It's so embrassing that the issue who stopped me last two days (well, half day, i've been programming other things) was a FAIL. What was it? a simple double frame in Echo process, that's all.
Well, is solved, now Echo runs at sonic speed (;D) so i must stop him a little (or change game type to a Sonic's platform game). If i slow him a little and delete jump function, i've got the Echo's bike. Not planed, but a good idea (some of this ideas works on 60% times, and improve the game). Maybe i can add an helicopter or something like.

Well, it's time to polish movement to Echo, add weapons and ¡start pixelating!
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 08, 2009, 02:33:59 am
Hello, guys:
Maybe you are expecting some screenshots, because other projects are showing them.
Well, there is not screenshots... for now.
Do you know when you think you finally over coding, and then you see something goes wrong, and must code again to fix it? that was my last days. Motorbike runs good, and jumps a little, but it was throwing some walls and ceilings, and i was testing it when i had time. I can't do walking mode until i fix all this stuff with walls, floors and ceilings, because i must use the same code.

If you wanna heard some good news, i think i FINALLY fix all and works fine. I don't know if Echo will be able to climb ladders, but this is a few lines of extra code. Now i must re-write some lines, because when Echo runs off a ramp, he must'n jump (they're a few lines... if there is'n any other bug waiting for me).
So, then finally will show you some screenshots... but i only have got a testing level, with no graphics (just red squares and triangles).

Oh, almost forgot! _-Caleb-_ is helping me with music. He wants to do it, so i'm grateful. Now he has the main theme almost over (i thing it's a good main theme), but you can't hear it for now ;D

I hope i will be able to finish Doggy!!! before new year's eve: from 1st to 6th i will be busy.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 10, 2009, 11:55:25 pm
Wow, three days without new news.

OK, let's be serious. No, i haven't nothing to see, screenshots are useless, and make a demo will show my cards, so i'm triying to stop myself (i've got an hype attack easily).
Maybe i can show something lite of playability, but not today.

Now i'm still in main engine, it must be PERFECT, because a game with bad playability is not a good game (playability is 40% of the game). What i got untill now? well, Echo moves very very well: walk, jump, fall... i made some simple animations, but with this graphics style, they are almost finals sprites. I can play the test level pretty well, and i hope you enjoy it.

But today i code a lot: i give Echo a gun, very simple, just one shot for every button press. The shoot througs walls, yes, is a test, but he can shoot in all 4 directions, aiming them. It's a big step, because adding new weapons is easy... if i can design them, i don't want to do the same as Cave Story.
I must do new animation frames, because the weapon adition, and fix the old ones adding control points. There are some things i must add: shoot levels, or finish the shoots code. Tomorrow i will do them, and, if i can, test interaction with some enemies.

The next step is make a real testing level, with enemies, jumps and all, and give to my musician (i told before is better to not show nothing until last day, maybe some screenshots of a level when i get the final graphics).
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 15, 2009, 04:13:21 am
Hello, guys:

I'm in a half-hype mode, because i finished coding three hours ago (for today).
I made some of the new frames of animations, and add control points. Also i made the "hardness" detection for shoots.
But also, i made a simple function for any process that need "hardness" detection as Echo, and believe me, almost ALL the sprites need it. I was debugging it a little, because it did some ugly "teletransportations". There are some little bugs, but nothing serious.
Also, i made a little engine to put enemies on levels (or items). It's a provisional one, but if i'm lucky, it will be the last one. Now i get a simple enemy floating around here, it's a flying-thing who can through the walls (is not a bug, some enemies, in some games, can through walls), and (this is the big one) can dead with some shoots, and leave some weapon exp-points, and if you collect it, you can upgrade it (yes, like "Cave Story"). It's a pleasure see how died enemies one after all, every time in less shoots.
But this item is not a fixed one: it moves and BOUNCE using the "hardness detection engine".

But i'm not finished, i need to do some more items, and a random generator. I must do the explosion animation, start hurting Echo and make some enemies.
Finally, i got an script to the game. Very simple, because is a shotting game. And some ideas about the levels ambientation. My musician has started his work, so design time is almost here.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 16, 2009, 02:45:41 am
Just a simple update.
I did some test in my gp2x... no, i don't have a WIZ, i'm talking about the ORIGINAL GP2X (F100). Well, the game works PERFECT at 200MHz. There is a little zone of my test where fps drop to half speed, but we are talking about a medium tile rate, 15 enemies and lots of shots. Overclocking it to 240MHz and activating RAM timings puts fps around 35/50 fps.
15 enemies at same will be rare in this game... but not imposible (i don't know exactly what can i do or not until i made a level). But you don't have to worry: WIZ goes at 550MHz so this game will fit perfectly in your handhelds, and can overclock to 780MHz without danger.

If i can play in my gp2x (and sure i will make it possible) you can play in wiz... or in a PIII PC, if you still have one of them ;D
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 18, 2009, 01:56:11 am
I'm very excited, very very excited:

Don't worry about you, i'm saying i'm excited because mi first test of Doggy!!! with a REAL level.
Yes, today and yesterday i was making some tiles. I'm not a grafist (i'm very bad with pixels) so it takes me some more time than normal. And was cleaning code, deleting test lines (i was forcing to load levels directly) and doing real code.
Today i make the first part of first level, building platforms, and then, using all tiles i made.

AND YES, IT WORKS!!!! and the level sees better than i expect. I must do more tiles, i need to decorate it better (its very simple, but i'm using almost 43 tiles).
The bad part is I must code some more the engine. Some ramps make Echo bounce uncontrollably... you can walk, but you can't jump. And there is a hard to find bug that makes Echo some teleporting near the walls. There wasn't a problem before, because the test level was wide, but now i make some narrow tunnels and some jumps are a matter of luck, nothing killer, but irritating.

But it works, that's the important part. Now i need to code some enemies, and put a few items, also, i must do the interface (you must see Echo's life and weapon exp). I put a screenshot soon (i hope it doesn't break any rule).
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 22, 2009, 02:47:19 am
Merry Christmast!!!! or also...

This days are crazy. I don't have any time to code, because all people call me to help them (they are in holydays, not me... well, you know).
I code as fast as i can, and the best as i could. I fixed some bugs on the engine, yes, ramps aren't a problem anymore, and i detected some other troubles, they're solved, but i must fix another one.
So, there isn't any special: i made the interface (very simple, but functionally) and now i can see how weapon-exp goes up and down (and rise levels). I put an explosion animation for shoots impact an was coding some enemies: i made a little soldier, it can watch (and shoot), rest, and follow a path while patrol (it's nice to see them "alive"), but still not follow Echo.
Making a decent IA for enemies take me more time than i expect. And i'm using the same "hardness detection engine" than Echo, it's saving me a lot of time. Maybe i may made some patterns, instead of enemies, and change his graphics and energy for every level.

Today i was REALLY busy, so I only enlarge the first level a little (from 100x20 tiles to 250x20, 25-33% of the level). Tomorrow i will made some more, and must complete two enemies IA.

I must not forget to say that my musician has done the first music of a level, it's amazing, i hope you can enjoy it while you kill dozens of... aham ;D
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Publicado por: josebita en Diciembre 23, 2009, 01:49:51 am
Great news!
Let's hope to see a screenshot soon! :)
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 26, 2009, 02:23:17 am
Wow, i'm soooooooo very tired. It's late, but i'm here to report.

Finally, i made the AI of the more complex enemy in the game, but he's not so clever to find a path to you, just go straight to you, and, if there is an obstacle, he jumps it.
Also, i was making a randomizer funtion to generate items before enemy dies, but i don't like... and i'm tired to think about it.
And made the level more longer, now it takes about 2 minutes to get the right border in an speed-play. I hope adding the enemies, it takes about 4 minutes. I will put them in strategic places to make you to take another path, or take a round.

Now i must do Echo can receive damage, and prepare everything to make "events" in the level (final bosses and other surprises), and, of course, make some more enemies.
I'm thinking to changue the levels order, in this first level there is a lot of enemies, and a lot of shots, and very few places to explore. I did some tiles for another level and i think the enemies will be more weak... or i can do more places to explore and get some upgrades.

But there is much more to do, i don't know if i could make 3 levels at least: now i've got 5 days remaining, very few time.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 28, 2009, 01:55:26 am
I usually am like a vane: sometimes i'm happy and do a lot of work, sometimes i'm bored and so, i'm tired, but today i went to "i wish a bed to sleep" to "more, more, more level edit!!!!".
Today, i was totally tired, totally discouraged, but tonight, in three minutes, i was making the hardness of (really) first level.

Yes, this two days i was doing very few thinks: yesterday i made another enemy, a very strong guerrilla guy, be careful with it, you need very lot of shots to defeat, and jump for you if near... but if it's really near he will smash you a VERY strong punch.
Today, i was making the first event... but only graphics, i didn't wanna program, and i'm having serious troubles with my level editor: it was made with my first tile engine and is very slow, i don't need to say what happens when i got two maps opened (hardness and visible map).
So, today i made very fast a conversion tool: it loads the visible map and the hardness map, and add (only) the new columns of the hardness map to de visible map with basic tiles from the last one. Then, i only need to open in my editor and change them without need to open 2 maps.

And, i tried the vehicle code in the old level. I must debug it a lot, it has lots of troubles and don't know if it finally will be into the game. I want it, but if i don't have time to make two levels, maybe i don't put it in.

But i was happy, so go on. I made a good starting for first level, with some hidden secrets. Tomorrow i will make more and add a few new tiles. I will try the level change code, and if it works, the first level will be divided in zones. I cannot use two layers of tiles, so if i want to change background, this is the only way.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Diciembre 31, 2009, 03:53:17 am
Hello, people:

Another night, and a headache "gutten gutten". I was making a level until my head was near to explode, because tomorrow maybe will be the last day to finish the game.
No, tomorrow i'm not will finish Doggy!!!, why? go by parts.

As i'm reading in the last log, i just started the new first level. Well, i did the first screen yesterday, about 150 tiles wide, so i tried to code the level/zone change. Well, it works, i must change some code, but i was testing code, so it's OK... i think. So, i made some of the second screen of first level, and, as i said, it uses another tiles, and now i can do a background if scroll fit in WIZ CPU (it means "if scrolls fit in GP2X overclocked CPU" ;D).
This morning i must do a few things before have breakfast, but i didn't complete even now. I do the hitting effect of enemies, nothing expectacular, but it works, and made the first event of the game: it took me all the afternoon.

I went to watch "Avatar", so i can't work all i want (sometimes, i must rest). So i worked to late making the second screen.
Yesterday, also, made some modifications to the conversion code, because it don't works with actual level.

Tomorrow, i don't know what i'm going to do. Maybe i do the buttons code to open doors, make some enemies, make the third of 5 screens of first level and draw some new tiles, but is new year eve, so i don't know how many time can i use.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 02, 2010, 12:25:37 am
This is my last log...

Until return on 6th ;D It's Christmas time, so i'm going to see my uncles.
Ok, to finish the year, i did a little things. I can wrote code to do buttons to open doors and other ways in the level, there is two doors in first level now, so now you must walk a little more to get the end of the level ;).
Also, i got the needed code to make Echo get hurts. I tested it with guerrilla shots and works fine.

I must finish the game today, but (as always) it was impossible, so i hope i can finish it in no time after this trip (some enemies, more tiles, a pair of bosses, and, of course, menu, configuration and sound).

Happy new year!!!
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 09, 2010, 03:05:24 am
Hello, guys, i'm back... where did you go?

Well, it's a bit late from 6th, but if i wrote that day, i didn't have nothing to wrote ;D
So, this days i was writing some code, those little things that diference between a work from a good work.
Also, i completed the adding weapons system a few minutes ago, so now i can test without using command console. With this, i could write code for change weapons and finish all items for interface. Now i got 2 weapons (yes, i did another one, i hope i will get time to do the third, my favourite, but hard to code).
I did another enemy, a flying one, very dumb, and did his graphics, but i didn't test it.

And i started with sound tests. I get the shot FX who give me my musician and started to modify it to adapt to my thinkings. It's really cool, it's the first time i work in sound edition, so be gentle :D
And did a little trick and get the first music to test with him, and the game wins a lot with it, really. Now it becomes a real game.

I forgot to tell you about my tests on GP2X: the game works fine all the time i played (pre-trip version), sometimes i lost 1 or 2 frames if there are more than 7 enemies/items jumping around, but nothing serious. The BIG problem is the event, the only thing i can say without spolier you is if you shots a few bullets, the game slows at 50%. It's like Metal Slug original arcade, but it's still playable. I hope Wiz can run it better (it must, it's about 3 times faster).

OK, now, i'm going to sleep. Tomorrow... i don't know, i must add some enemies to the levels, and make more levels, the first it's still not decorated.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 16, 2010, 01:38:02 am
Hello again:

I'm back from some sking days. So, i didn't do so much.
I was coding some more enemies, now i got 2 fliying guys, add a new spider (same code, new graphics), an add 3 or 4 enemies more, only one got his graphics, now i must do  more graphics.
Enemies are taking lots of time, but i added some to the first level and now is funnier than before (but Echo don't get hurt).
Finally, I finished the second screen of first level, it's about 200 tiles height, but it's a climbing level, so it's longer than you expect, and has a lot of hidden places. I must fix some errors (an imposible jump and a visible tiles that not match with hardness), and add the items. I made a special place to hide a great item, you cannot see it, and it will take some tries before you can get it, i hope i can code it before next week.

So tomorrow i will test the new enemies, an must write some killer funtions because items of previous levels are still in next screens ^^U.
I must do the explosions too and the Echo death (hurts and lives lost... if i add lives to game). With more enemies for second level, some events and fixing the motorbike (if i put it in the game), the only thing i must do is... build levels. I got two weeks. If in one week i get it all, maybe i will add a third level.
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Publicado por: Windgate en Enero 18, 2010, 12:20:34 am
Hi Drumpi, sorry, I have been following your project from the beggining, but nowadays Im very busy and I had to leave my conquest project...

Everything seems very interesting, but it would be nice if you upload any screens, an image is better than hundred words :P

Good luck dude
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 19, 2010, 02:49:39 am
Oh, this is a really bad news. I hope you can finish soon and have some time to make something. I REALLY want to match with you... and all people who can.

But, if you cannot take part of the competition, what can we do? (seriously, try it ;) )

Well, let's go to the worklog:

If you can remember, i put some images in the other section of this subforum. I don't want to show more than i showed before, because there isn't much more to view. The game maybe will had two levels, and if i put some screenshots, there will be nothing new when you play the game. I hope you can understand it.

The levels shows almost the same than the images. I add some decoration and still working in backgrounds, the performance it's near the GP2X limit and i don't know if i could add an scroll (even with transparency flag, for some effects).
But i add a lot of enemies. There are some chaotic zones where you are attacked from above, bottom and front at the same time if you run.
I did some enemies more, i liked to do some basic AI, now that i can't worry about movement. But the more enemies i do, the more enemies i need. Now i must do another enemy, invencible, only for avoid, or another firing... and i did five enemies to this first level (seven if we look code). Also, I must do the same with second level, and i'm not talking about bosses.

But, i finished the first screen of first level. The second screen only needs to put enemies and today i started the third, with more switches. I hope i can add some "puzzles" as i like.
The second level is on "freeze state". I need to finish (or almost) the first to decide if i do a third level with motorbike, two levels with the motorbike in the second or finally i must delete the motorbike. It's sad, because if i had some more time maybe i can do a motorbike that can climb walls... but first it must run well ^^U

OK, 12 days remaining. Tomorrow i hope i can code two switches actions to use it intensively, and can make the first event on first level. And if i have time, doing part of third screen or putting enemies on second.
But i'm still need to code the "get item" action, and dead of Echo. Half of enemies get hurts Echo, but he still don't die. The difficult isn't adjusted yet: you can upgrade weapons too easily and game becomes a trip, but else, there are so much enemies and game "stops" continuously.

There is no much to code (i hope), but level editing is hard. As i said before, i haven't the best tool for it (soooooooooo slow).
I must go to sleep.
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 22, 2010, 01:58:56 am
Wow, this day was... have been... well, i was working A LOT.

First, hi to everyone who are reading me. I think i was readed by 10 people of this forum, but it looks like there is someone more out there :D I was writing this to take out the stress, but now i must shut up a little more for not reveal important data ;D

I'm joking. I'm going to write as same as always.
Ok, let's update.
Last time i forgot to say that i wrote the code to changue volume to the game. I was going deaf because the HIGH volume of GP2X when i was testing. So now volume keys (+ and - of numeric keyboard on PC) works.
As i said, i worked on two switches actions, and works fine, and i'm using it intensively. You will can watch it on third screen of first level, i made lots of puzzles. They aren't too dificult, just search-and-fire the hidden switches, and do some rounds to follow the path to exit. With this, the third screen (the one i was working today), with 240 tiles widht, triplicate his duration.
I cannot tell you how long it takes on a speed-run test (without enemies), because i cannot test it. The first reason it's i finished it some minutes ago. It's no excuse, because i finished it TOTALLY, decoration included (well, maybe i need to add some tiles more to end it). Usually, i test it with basic tiles, so let's know the second reason:

Yesterday i was working on the spoked first event. Call it event or call it BOSS. I worked on it ALL DAY... and it isn't still finished. I works, all i coded, but i need to make another "part" and give him "mortality". If he doesn't die, event can't end, and i cannot go to the level to test ^^U

But this third level, if it's like i hope, will be better than the others... because i like to design puzzles (mi nick is for a platform game i made, but with puzzles), and it's different. So this first level you can play three types of game, one per screen..... UPS! too much information.

And, when i was watching the end of this first event... i crashed to another event. Tomorrow i must end this first, and then start with the second, with an amazing end... if i have time.

In the other side, my musician it's still working on second level melody. The first is almost ended, and got the main theme. The big matter is SFX. We only have one! there is no other sounds in game but shoots (and only for one weapon). I'm used to work in mute games, so sound it's an unexplored new world for me. The game (i think) rules without them, but SFX are essential for a good game.

OK, let's focus on tomorrow: end first event, draw second, test third screen an put enemies on second. I hope i can code some of second event and do the "get item" action finally. And don't forget to finish the other event i made, it still don't shoot since weeks ago.

Good night to all!!
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Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 25, 2010, 02:52:21 am
Every step i take...
Every tile i place......
Every shoot i make, every event beat, i'll be near to end ;D

Sorry, it's late (as always) and got a big headache :P
But these thinks are the things who make me continue working. I'm delayed, very. The two levels must be over, but i'm on the middle of fourth screen of first level, and i don't touch the second :S

I finished the first event, adding something more to interface. I think it's easy, but my tester (musician) thinks otherwise. I don't know, but the hardest the game, the longer it takes.
So, i could test the third screen, and yes, it's a great level (i almost forgot all puzzles i made ^^U). Now i must put enemies, like i did on second, finally. I put a little less enemies, but in good places, almost perfectly placed.

Yesterday, my musician leave me some musics, 5 of them news, so they were more work to me. I put music on game, definitely (a process who play music opening, and then, the music loop). But i spent most time on the "get item" action. My partner send me an awesome fanfarre, so i must did it. It's very spectacular (we think so).

Today was the second tired day. Yeah, i must finish, so i was doing fourth screen. It's like making a building, and i must follow some rules to make a bridge, a room... an must do a puzzle, and must put enemies on it...
So i made in three days the work of one :S Three hours ago i started drawing second event, an i've got half. Not bad. But now i must code it, it can take me two days easily.

I have no time to miss, tomorrow i MUST finish first level. It means finish fourth screen and put enemies on it and third. And i must do the second event. It's hard but i will try. So i can finish second event on tuesday and start the third and can do some of second level.
If every thing goes well, on thursday will be ended. If i have time i will put a "level select" mode with unlockable content.

Almost forgot. I've done some things to improve perfomance in one event. I don't test it. And got some ideas to improve more the perfomance. I hope it will help when i put a scroll.
I must balance the difficulty, it's too easy to rise weapons to max level, and enemies die so soon.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 26, 2010, 03:41:25 am
In days like this, i always remember the off voice of Turok 2 when you loses a live:


Don't panic...
No, don't panic. I need to go to bed.

A hard work day. But not productive. I'm starting to HATE my Tilemap Editor. But the colors i choosed give me strength to don't give up. I give it 10 frameskip, but it works at a frame every 2 seconds. It takes me 2 HOURS to put enemies on third screen ¡2 HOURS!

I cannot blame it, i'm moving more than 7000 process at the same time, double if i'm placing enemies (hardness and visible map).

Yes: the third screen is finished (have some "conflictive points", but it's cool at all). The fourth is... almost. Before dinner i got 95% of hardness made, and thanks to a simple code (yes, the conversion tool i talked about one month) now i got 99% of level complete. The only thing i miss is to hide the secret paths and PUT THE ENMIES :(
The worst part is: this screen is, maybe, the bigger map i made in all the game. It isn't the longest, but it's a climb level, wider than the others. If i must compare with original "Cave Story", it's almost as big as one of his actions levels (and it have got ¿7?).

Nothing more made.
Well, musician gives me the ¿finals? music files for both levels. Also a new fanfare and some FX. If i can run my sound editor, maybe i can make some changes to fit in game.
So, tomorrow i will finish first level, and start coding second event, an third if i can. Or else, start making another part of second level.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 27, 2010, 01:56:49 am

Scare, scare, scare.
Bad day, i'm delayed more. Today i only can do two things: first is the fourth screen (warning, this level is harder than the others, i dead one time of the three games i played... but i only had the basics).
Second... just see.


I made almost all graphics of this "little friend", and i coded two of his 6 states, so it will take me lot of time :S
But, tomorrow must be ended, and start with an event and second level.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 28, 2010, 02:35:56 am

I don't know how i wasted all day in so little things.
Really, today i ended only this boss. I got some troubles with code... maybe all troubles i could get. But is finished.
It's a good boss, hard with powerless weapons, easy with powered guns.

Also, i made the finish of this third screen. I told you that probably i need to add some tiles more to it.

I hoped i could do some of new event, but i can't draw it. So i must do it entirely tomorrow, and the new weapon. Tomorrow it's thursday, and second level must be finished. And sound...
Argh! so many time...
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: josebita en Enero 28, 2010, 02:39:08 pm
Come on! You know you can do it!
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 29, 2010, 04:52:41 am
Thanks for this words, i REALLY need it!!!


Could anything goes worst? yes, it can.
My cousin cames to visit me. I haven't seen him long time ago, so i must stop coding today.
But he can test the game and i did some minor fixes to difficult. He plays all game i have, and it tooks around 1 hour playing: he gets 40% of items an dead around 5 or 6 times.
So, difficulty is in the exact point i want ;D I can pass all game in 20 minutes with 100% items and no lives lost. Finally i will add lives to game.

And this is what i'm working today... well, not exactly. I was working in pause menu and the exit option: now i can go to presentation from game (if it was done) and can "hard-exit" with ESC key. I added GPH and Bennu logos, they weren't coded ^^U
And i started with promised third event. Is essential to add it to the game because it's the ending level event. I can continue without second event of second level, but not without this. This event forced me to change slightly the last screen i made, and i must do something similar with the last event.

Well, tomorrow i must finish this event, the slight change i mentioned and add the last thing to the other. I will change audio system, because of loops of songs. I must continue with second level and final event, but i want to do the last weapon.

If i do, i'm still need to do start menu, half of second level, last event and lives system. If Splinter gives me three days more, i will add a special level and a unlock mode. With this, you must play the game 3 times at least if you wanna play 100% entirely (2 if you are a game machine). I beg for it!!!!
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: gecko en Enero 29, 2010, 05:08:57 am
wow! it would be a very long game!

good work!
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: josebita en Enero 29, 2010, 02:42:32 pm
I'm very bad at playing games, so I might get killed even many more times than you say your cousin got killed.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: _-Caleb-_ en Enero 29, 2010, 08:08:57 pm
Go Drumpi GO!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 30, 2010, 04:29:57 am
Are you telling me for do the game easyer? if i do, you can finish it in no time, and then you didn't play it again :D :D :D
Ok. It's late to change levels, so the only thing i can do is to add a new difficult level with more lives.
Let's worklog.


...Or not? Splinter is asking for how many time WE need to end the games. It looks like i'm not the only with time problems.
First, i must say that i'm not having planification problems. I re-wrote all hadrnesss engine for one month, this is 2000 lines long, and must be debbuged. But let's stop talking about past, it's late and i want to sleep.

Today i was doing a lot of things, lot of little tings, but necessary.
I rewrote the menu code, i added some features to put some non-selectionable text. This menu is used on pause, finally implemented, and generate his own graphics. I'm still need to work on it, because i cannot pause events, and if you exit game, yo will go to main menu... but it isn't coded yet ^^U
The audio system is also rewroten. I was having troubles synchronizing process with loop and no-loop songs (a little limitation of Bennu), so now i have an only process who control all songs management: if i want to change current song, i must change one variable, he is responsible of load, unload, play and stop all background songs.

I'm not leaving sound yet, because, besides of adding the final musics, i was adding some FX, like shots or doors opening, so finally the musician work is on game. The second weapon has his own sounds too, it forced me to rewrite the weapons SFX load.
Yes, i'm deleting a lot of provisional code, like the global loop.

I'm not finished yet. I completed the "get health expansion". Again, i put the final fanfare, and i coded something simple but nice. You will see it a few times in game (if you explore it well) so it musn't be something long.
I changed some little things to optimize, like collision with end level item (you don't will see it), but it isn't tested yet. And must do some others optimizations.

Bored? don't cry, i'm finishing. I was started the third event. It isn't as espectacular as i want, but i think it will take you down some times ;D I don't know if i must add a new "trouble", so it's a matter of time. I got 66% coded of it (it's a new record) so tomorrow will be finised and i will concluded the first level at all.
Well, don't so. I must do some fix in previous events, but nothing hard.

So, tomorrow, i will make this event, the end of level and those fixs. Then... i got a list of things to do, but maybe i will work on second level, new weapon, one or two enemies, and pray for get more of half list done.
If Splinter will give us some days more, i will add savegame, level select mode and a little surprise for those advanced gamers who can get the end of game with 1 life, all items and less time ;D

(Incredible, i was here two hours, i must sleep).
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Enero 31, 2010, 02:44:59 am

Wow, another tired day, but not for work. Tonight i slept a few hours, so i worked half as usual.
But i did lot of things: i finished the final event of first level, and then i made the ending level event. That means i could write all final code to change level (deleting the provisional code).

I polished some efects on previous events and fixed a pair of bugs on them. And add a new function who let me send signals to events process, very usefull for pause, who isn't finished (i think so, but no). This function was a little hard because of collecting all process names (sometimes i miss FEdit).

The ending screen tile has been modified too, is more fast and now you can't see it.
And i was writing the losting live event (game over included), but i need to add an animation and some graphics, so is still incomplete... but i did the hard work.

Also, i added some musics to test them on game. They fit better than i spect, so less work to my musician. With two more musics i think it's over... unless we get the possible extra time and add a... hehehe. But there is very few SFX.

Tomorrow i must finish.
But it's impossible. I didn't nothing of second level, and must put enemies in first half (with my incredible super fast editor) and must do the final event, with an enormous graphic and some sub-graphics. I must do the main menu and credits, and add the third weapon (yes, the same as two weeks ago). Maybe monday will be finished.
But probably i need to add a save option, don't forget that this game will be in a handheld console. It will take me one day more, and another to put the extra option.

Don't think negative. There are 24 hours more, so if i'm Jack Bauer i can do these and solve an antiterrorist crisis ;D
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: gecko en Enero 31, 2010, 02:55:12 am
hehehe, the image of you coding and working with the clock running in a scene like Jack Bauer is funny.

you can do it :)
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Ariel Yust en Febrero 01, 2010, 12:36:31 am
if Splinter is asking how much we need then I'd say another month then even I think I can create something playble again cos my exams will be over hehe :P
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 01, 2010, 03:31:23 am

CONTINUE? Credits=1


Wow, i almost forgot to write the worklog.
And it's because of the time extension of contest. I worked so hard last days and i was becoming crazy (forgotten thinks and mistmatching names), so today i take a breath.

But it doesn't means i don't worked today: i made some of second level, it's a good map (i must do some decoration tiles more, but it's OK). Now, this level has doubled his lenght, and with extra time i will double it again, making the biggest level ever on bennu/wiz.
This is a problem with my actual editor. But i have solutions for almost anything: i did this expansion on a different file, and i'm testing like a new level. When all parts are done, i will join them by coding. It's not hard (as easy as those mini-programs for changing hardness to tiles).
If someone is doubting what I have worked, i will say: this "screen" had 22x256 tiles: hardness, conversion and re-tiled (don't forget that conversion tool uses basic changes, there are at least 3 possibles tiles for same hardness tile).

Well, tomorrow Jack Bauer is going to scold her daughter for making porn star ;D and I will continue with this level and the last weapon. Now, Echo can grab the item (yes, he could it before) and take a walk with it. It's still useless and doesn't have any animation... but it isn't coded yet ^^U
And I hope I can do something about dead. As I said yesterday, it's all ready to do, but i stopped because of animations. There are some things i haven't done before because graphics (and his animations, the art concept).

So, good night, see you tomorrow. And Thanks for the comments ;) I hope you will enjoy it.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: SplinterGU en Febrero 01, 2010, 03:42:34 am
Ariel Yust, maybe you can do a lite game version... and out of contest you can do a full game version...
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 02, 2010, 01:01:49 am

Now i'm singing the Big main theme from Sonic Adventure, yes: "lazy days in paradise".
I'm not in paradise, but is a lazy day. But i have a reason. When i was to start coding the last weapon, i saw that the weapons code was incompatible: modifing angle according the main character, using control points... And i was a little tired, so i lost all my energy in a flash.
So, when i'm without energy, I put enemies on maps.

But there is another problem: i only got 2 enemies for this level, and they were very hard to beat. So today was an enemy creation day. And I balanced a little the dificulty (enemies had eagle eyes). Making the game harder or not isn't easy, you must play, change, play again... until you get the exact point you want.
I got three new enemies, and i think i will need five more. Don't forget this is a war, and i must do people for two sides. Maybe i can recicle code (i'm doing right now with enemies of first level) but i need new graphics at all.

And i found some bugs i overlooked, one serious of pause, but i fixed it.

Tomorrow i got an ineludible date, so i think i work as today :S Maybe i got some ideas of how to make the weapon and can do it. And i think i got the graphics for levels intros (nothing expectacular but functional). If i wakeup with energy, i will make another screen of level, else i will make more enemies (i have got two in mind, and a little idea for platforming :P).

See you.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Ariel Yust en Febrero 02, 2010, 01:34:35 pm
this friday I have exam in calculus and then next friday I have exam in descret math  :-\

I'll see if I can create anything lite in a week...
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 03, 2010, 01:40:05 am
I like offtopics on my worklog, it brings variety ;D
Sarcasm aside, if you got exams, maybe you must study, those subjects are very... treacherous: when you think an exercise it's ok, teacher find a less minus and you are dead.
But if you have been studying and did a lot of exercises, maybe you can try ;)

Ok, let's ontopic:


I can't believe how slow i am. Well, today i had a birthday party, so i cannot miss it.
But i did a great advance: now i got the three weapons. It took me all afternoon, and i don't know if it's values are balanced with the others. I think so, but it's very hard: it's the powerest weapon, the most hidden, have the shortest range long and the largest range around.

Finally, i solved the incompatibility troubles with code, and i had to do a lot of artwork. Well, graphically it's simple, but i drawn it pixel by pixel and must adjust it and his "shadow" by pixel-perfect. Then, i must go to enemy's code and add collision to it ONE BY ONE, buf, lot of work.
But it's here, a good weapon, maybe more powerfull than i like... but it's a hidden weapon after all ^^.

I drawed another enemy, now i must code it. It's an easy one, it don't move, but shots if he see you.
And finally i added the last thing to the second level event (at least!!!). It gave me a good headache because an infinite loop (so, i can't debug it with debug console, i did it reading code :S).

I hope i can speed up the development in next two days and have all presentation (title, menu, levels beginning, losting a live, game over and credits) and more of second level. I must do another event, some FX, add more sounds and add checkpoints/savegame too, so... AAAARGHH!
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 04, 2010, 03:14:57 am

Now i must been worrying for the extra level. But...
Well, I made some enemies more (three), with names like "Flotaz", "Zenerg" or "Canon" (it's sad, but surely you cannot know all names... unless you open the FPGs ;D). They are tested and working.
And finally, I made the levels intro. Simple (as always) but i think it will like you. It takes me too much time, for adjusting graphics to screen and for an error of every 10 lines of code ;D

I was working on presentation (how can i say "portada" in english?), as you can see in the other thread, but I wasn't inspired. Maybe i can use the one i uploaded, "Cave Stoy" only uses letters an Quote walking.

All these should be half of all work of day. Well, so i was working on a bit of second level until half hour ago (the time to visit the forum).
Tomorrow I will do the losting live and game over. I hope i can do a pair of clon... enemies more, and get the second level. I hope I can do the last event on friday and get the main menu working.
The extra level is in serious troubles.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 05, 2010, 02:53:55 am

Hello there.
I'm happy. Not the happiest i could be, but happy at all.
And this is because i made the main menu. It's simple (deja-vu) but it's done. But there is more than this, because i can add as many options as i need, so now it has only "start" and "exit" options, but i can add a "configuration" and more.
And it works: if you choose "exit", you will exit the game, if you choose "start"... you'll get the difficulty menu and then you can play the game.

Yes, now you can start with 1, 3 or 5 lives...
And end without them. Echo now is mortal, if energy fall to 0, the screen will darkens and an animation says us we have lost a live. If we have another live, we will continue game, but if not, game over, sad music and return to main menu.

And don't think this part was easy: there were a lot of provisional code i must delete, and i get a lot of bugs (maybe, the most i had ever), so i was debugging for two hours and i'm not sure i kill them all.
Also, i get others bugs I don't noticed, like songs unload, or playing a not loaded song.

Now i must complete the second level, the final event and credits. With them i can take part of the contest. But i hope i can add a key configuration and autosave. Maybe you cannot play all game in one session (maybe 1 hour without explore too much, but it takes me 30 minutes).
Extra level is still in danger. If i do lot of work tomorrow, maybe it can be added.

The end is near... but not so near ;)
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 06, 2010, 03:36:29 am

Oh, my God! the time is almost expired. I'm scared.
Well, all i can say is: i've got the credits, but it takes me so long. It's because graphics. I must draw (write) all names, cut them (pixel perfect, i must optimize memory the best i can) and code.
Half afternoon flyes with this.
And as i said, i need more enemies, because second level has almost the same as first, but it needs more. So i made two more. I made only graphics. I haven't time to code them. They use the same code as two enemies, but don't think bad of me, I used the smartest enemies i made, so if two of them are hard to beat, now you can see more together ;D ;D ;D

And I was making the second level. I finished to test the second screen ten minutes ago, an it's... not bad, but it could be better. Is slightly easier than last screen of first level, but don't worry, next will be harder ;D
The second level is going to have four screens. Now i've got first screen totally ended, the second i must look over a little and put decoration. The third has only the hardness map, i made it today in an hour, because when all job was did, i forgot to save (AAAARRGH!), so i must to re-did the last half again. And the fourth, well i got half of hardness map.

That's right: i haven't second level finished, so the extra level is almost dead. I must optimize code, make the last event and finish the second level, so i hope i can do them tomorrow. Else, i will not have time for coding save engine, and you must finish all the game at once.

Splinter has now a beta version to test perfomance (i hope he don't play all game, or i will lost surprise factor ;D). In GP2X works fine (90% speed, decreasing because is not optimized), but it looks like WIZ have some troubles, even if it's more powerful than his predecessor.

I would like to finish it after the contest, adding the level select, the extra level and some things more, but i have other works to do. Maybe i could give it one hour every day, but i don't know.
Well, think on today (a.k.a. tomorrow): i must finish second level and make the event. I hope my musician will have the two musics that are missing and the SFX of last weapon.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 07, 2010, 04:37:01 am
1 DAY REMAINING!!!!!!!!!

OOouuaaaaaahhhhh!!! i'm sooooo tired. It's 5:20 AM and i'm still awakened.
But i must finish it, i MUSSSSSSSTTTT!!!
And i'm almost finish.

I finished the sencond level in record time, very loooooooong. Do you remember when I said "with maps of 200x22 tiles, the editor is so slow"? Well, this level is, after joining all submaps (get ready), 893x22 tiles!!!!!!!! Thanks goodness i have a dual core and Fenix only uses one of them: the file load takes 3 minutes, and i must to see if joining was sucessful.
Best of all it's game goes at normal speed (don't think it shows all map at same time).

But i don't finished: i must do the last event and the last draw, add some explosions and rewrite sound process (it crash randomly).
The optimization it's done too, and game goes 100% speed with 1 frameskip in WIZ (they said me that with 0 frameskip is still playable, but i don't have a Wiz to test). I don't have time to try on GP2X, I'm going to sleep, because tomorrow i have a lot of work to do.

Now, i'm Jack Bauer again (maybe tomorrow i'll incest ;D).

PD: time limit it's 12:00 AM in GMT-12, so it means i got 11 hours more because time lag. Yeah! real 24 hours!!!
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: josebita en Febrero 07, 2010, 07:59:28 pm
Come on, Drumpi!.
You're doing a great job. I'm really eager to play judge your game :)
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 08, 2010, 02:53:53 am

CONTINU... Wait!!!!

The game is over... but the game has been sended.

The last level was ended yesterday, and today...
Today was a race, betwen time and me.This morning i made all graphics of last boss and half of code. In the afternoon i coded the last half, and made some explosions for enemies die (seems silly, but game changes a lot). I rewrote all sound system (don't panic, just a process). I changed al temporary names, clean lot of debug code (maybe i forbot something, but i think you cannot use it without coding).

I added the final musics and SFX too. I haven't time to add all SFX i want...
...or maybe i was so tired :P
No, it's a matter of time. I cannot add a save system, so you must play all entire game. I cannot add an unlock menu, a key configuration and the extra level, but i hope i can do in my spare time.

Tomorrow... tomorrow i'm going to rest (if housework leave me). I think i won it, i coded more than half game in three weeks.
I must put some screenshots, but... im so tired... and tomorrow i must wakeup soon. Sorry.

So, good luck to everyone, the contest has begun.

(Hey! where is my daughter? doing another film?)
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Febrero 08, 2010, 03:22:27 am
Oh! I forgot to tell you:

If you are looking for Doggy!!! you cannot found. Doggy!!! was the name of the project (the initial project was an adventure, but now is an action game, because of time).

The new name of the game is:


I hope you enjoy it.
And if anyone can throug the game in hard mode, tell me ;D
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: tmoney en Marzo 06, 2010, 04:49:25 pm
request for future release:
have a "down" arrow icon appear when you are able to pick up power ups.  also, increase the range of area at which the power up can be picked up.

i could not figure out how to pick up until i read somewhere on one of your posts, had a swarm of enemies chasing me.  i fear others will also have this problem and not be able to enjoy this very good game.
Título: Re: Work diary
Publicado por: Drumpi en Marzo 06, 2010, 10:57:11 pm
Ok, i'm solving it right now. There is much people sayin the same thing, so i will do. The down arrow will be a good idea, but, as i said many times: this game is based on Cave Story, so if you play it, you will get the same "problem". The same if you want to through a door :)