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Título: Conceptual design 3. Preys
Publicado por: tonisan en Diciembre 03, 2009, 03:45:48 pm
Mouse What do cats eat? Mice and rats are their main source of food, as well as moles and similar preys. They don't provide as many meat as other sources, but are very numerous and easy to hunt.

Rabbit Rabbits are quite bigger, stronger and faster than mice, but they are really delicious. A rabbit or a hare can sort out a bad week.

Lizard Tough and very fast, lizards are only a second option, but they've got a quite tasty meat, something like chicken.

Robin In spite of the fame, birds are the last option for a cat. They are very small, and so they has very little meat, and furthermore they are very difficult to catch.

Carrion Winter and old age are really tough, so the Wildcat will resign to eat dead animals or scavenge in the garbage, in spite of the risk of becoming poisoned.