Conceptual design 9 . Environmental factors

Started by tonisan, December 04, 2009, 10:54:52 PM

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a. water
In order to not make the game annoying there will be no need to go to a fresh water cell to drink. It would be enough not to go very far for these cells. There's a distance that if you move farther your water level will fall. This distance is shorter in hot seasons, and longer in wet seasons. When you are in distance, water level will rise up faster as you come nearer to the fresh water source.
b. pollution
Pollution works like water but in a negative way. Human building produces it, and you get more polluted as next to them as you come. Pollution will also be more dangerous when there be more town cells afecting your position. There's also a distance where wildcats don't suffer from pollution.
c. poison
Preys captures in polluted cells will give you poison. Poison is like pollution, but it can not be removed from wildcat's body. Scavenging near towns is also a nice way to become poisoned also.
f. climate and seasons
g. terrain
Each kind of terrain will make hunting easier or not, and will offer diferent kinds of preys. Some kinds of terrain are very good in nice seasons, but become the worst in winter. Other kinds are always not bad, and become best places to be when things turns nasty
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