Conceptual design 11. The size of the world

Started by tonisan, December 04, 2009, 11:12:19 PM

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In the first ambitious moment I was planning to simulate an important region with several (4 to 10) males wildcats each of one with his own and dynamic territory, where could live several (2 to 4) females wildcats with their kittens. Preys and human behaviour would also be simulated all over the world, having its own AI.
As I wasn't sure CPU or memory could stand with it, the game will be reduced to the single territory where the player lives. Preys, wildcats and human will only be AI simulated when under the character's senses (she can see, hear or smell them). When out of her reach, they will be simulated probabilistically. In other words, each time lap preys or danger will appear randomly under character reach, and then be simulated until moving out of reach or dying.
It's someting like cars are simulated in GTA III, at least that seems to me.
The active screen will be 240x240, with 80x240 reserved for controls and UI. This 240x240 will be build up with a 5x5 tiles matrix (each tile being 48x48). The full world will be 5(height) by 3(width), having 25x15 tiles and 1200x720px. Perhaps a PC version could play with the full world in the screen.
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