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Started by quasist, December 06, 2009, 09:36:17 PM

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Is there a offline english RTFM document exists in general format (like PDF)?

I'm developing usually on train on way to/from work and outside of Internet and access to BennuGd Wiki :(
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Not really... You can collect the printable versions of the articles you use most often, but there's no offline documentation.

PS: As Oks points out, there are a few manuals ins Spanish that are quite good, but I don't think there's any English one, yet.


Rein (K´)ah Al-Ghul

has been an English translation of your famous manual, osk?
sorry for my bad english...

Rein (K´)ah Al-Ghul
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No. I have no time and not enough knowledge for doing so. But if anyone want...


I've compiled some of the sections of the online wiki for offline use, just in case someone is in the same situation as quasist.

I haven't tested them, though. So there might be errors. You can find them here:


-- Sandman


Whoa, I am really glad I came accross this topic - this is exactly the information I was looking for, plus the whole message board kicks ass too =).

cya :)


The server wasn't listing the files there. It's fixed now.