My Screenshots And Some Explanations

Started by Ariel Yust, December 29, 2009, 12:36:31 PM

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Ariel Yust

Hello everyone, Yesterday I found out about the feature of having a topic here so I managed to get one thanks to Sandman =]

so I'll be showing off my project for the competition, I might add that this is my second game for the same competition, the previouse one failed misrably do too much graphics, code complexity and a bug which pissed me off, so I lost interst and left it - sorry guys.

my new project goes like so...

You play as a Mad scientist which creates viruses and all sort of monsters, your wish is to take over town and kill everyone who oppose you =]
on your way you will need to design your creatures and make sure you can infect other opposition that they could join you as zombies =]
you will need money which you will manage to gather using the mouse, robbing banks and factorys will be added also
Heroes will try to ruin ur plans so beware them and try to kill them if you can ;)

so far what I have is a fully working battle engine, which you will be able to see here...

  • You can see some random placed tiles and couple of civiilians walking (yes I know they are not animated yet - in progress)

  • Now you can see that several monsters which can infect people got unleashed and are eating everyone :D

  • More fighting, which gets realy addictive when you play this :)
         you can see SWAT units walking there, they are programed to actually come in
         and hunt your monsters and spray them with leed :D

  • Okay there wasn't much resistence and everyone got infected or eaten =]
         sometimes resistence can be that you will have patroling cops or soldiers on the map
         but I wanted to show progress so I'm creating many monsters now :P

  • Oh Oh Quarantine Unit arrived and are useing flamethrowers to take control over the place :D

  • The Guys in Black are Special-Ops realy strong and fire fast :)

    * btw please ignore the blue guy with a cigar in his mouth :D this is for testing purposes only XD hehehe

    + This is all I am sharing so far got planty of work to be done ^__^ Good Luck to everyone and I hope you like my progress so far!

    + if anyone have a WIZ and is ready to test my game please tell me about it =] thank you!

    + last thing... I don't have a name for the game :P any suggestions?
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Looking good, Ariel, hope you finish this one.
-- Sandman

Ariel Yust

Ye I hope so as well :D

I might say that if not For Ecko I wouldn't be able to progress that far realy =] because of the bug with the path finder, Ecko was awsome and he gave me
his own function for pathfinder and that's how he saved me alot of time :D

I'm planing of including minigames too ^_^ lets see how that's going to look like in the game hehe
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It still looks spectacular, although I've seen it before of course. Will the game still be humanly playable with such chaos going on, I wonder?

Ariel Yust

Much work should be done to insure that my friend :D

I just hope I'll manage to balance it on the go :P
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It looks wonderful, and I like the idea very much :)
Good luck with it!

Ariel Yust

Thanks :D hopfully I will manage to finish it and insert all the wonderfull ideas that I wanted to make ^_^
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