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Started by Ariel Yust, February 08, 2010, 02:22:24 PM

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Ariel Yust

Zombies On My Grass

8) HAha Yeeees it is done~!

Thanks for that Week that was given to us - I managed to have created a game,
I had struggled day and night to work out the fps issues but in the end I think I got it =]

my entry is a mindless overhead zombie shooter in the style that only I can create =D

Game Features
12 Levels
6 enemy types
11 weapons + 4 two hands wielded
11 weapons items + 2 items
1 ultra boss

original vocals by Tengokunoshi (my awsome friend)
music by Side Effect
other music samples are from the net like all the other soundfx

was made under a week~! :D
and tonight I wasn't sleeping, I was finishing this game!

Hope you Enjoy it =]

p.s : Wiz version coming soon I have uploaded the full entry with source to Splinter =]

Play  **Zombies On My Grass**  !  >:}


Please, don't publish the download link yet...

Ariel Yust

Aaa sorry I didn't know that its not allowed =]
O thought I have to do it okay I keep it secret then :P
Play  **Zombies On My Grass**  !  >:}


Oh my fucking LOL!!!

Blood at last: The 50% of a videogame consists on its graphics, the rest is... BLOOD!

Greetings, Im waiting to play it!!!
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Zombies + Shotgun + Blood (x99) = Great game for sure!
I'm dying to play!  ;D

Ariel Yust

I fear that some individuals wont be able to pass this game because its quite hard for many people who played it :S

I my self pass the whole game without dieing once, thoguht I didn't play it with a touchscreen of the wiz :P
but I can imagin that its not as easy as with a simple mouse ^__^

hope you guys pass level 5 >:} and I wish you reach the finaly boss in level 12 cos his a true badass and it took me several hours
to draw him and program his special AI and tricks :D

he actually defends him self very efficiently =]

good luck and ye remember to run alot and use every weapon strategly :P cos each weapon is good in the right hands XD

some tips for yar all

= mini bosses are strong, get a good weapon and eliminate them as fast as possible, then the level will get much easier.

= flamethrowers are excelent vs mini-bosses u set them on fire and run away :P
   avoide using them on snorks zombies (running on the floor zombies) it makes them go wild!!!

= morters are great vs groups of flocking zombies you can kill huge groups with one accurate shot to the center of them =]

= shotgun is most deadly in close range, and its one of the best pick vs snorks zombies (running on the floor zombies) :P

= double wielded magnums = one hit with those guns kills every zombie =]

= pick up bombs they are great vs snorks zombies (running on the floor zombies) =]

= minigun - when negotiations fails u go with seriouse fire power }=D

= avoid edges, proritise ur targets, pick weapons in a smart way, pick the same weapon for instant reload or if possible double wield;

Enjoy the game I worked realy hard on it (didn't sleep at night to finish it) HAVE FUN and may you pass the game so u could see its cool End ;)

Play  **Zombies On My Grass**  !  >:}