Escape From Zombie City

Started by tmoney, April 04, 2010, 03:44:34 PM

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well, i spent all day yesterday working on zc, and i've gotten a couple pretty significant pieces of the puzzle in place.

if you look at the main menu, you'll see i've added 2 new options, load game, and the zc store.  the second screen is the zc store.

the way the store works, is that items in white text can be purchased, while items in red text are currently unavailable.  if the little box on the left hand side has a white circle in it, that means that item has been purchased already.

to save your game, you need to get to one of the "escape" nodes at the ends of each level, and enter the map mode.  there you will see a new prompt, "press a to save" in the lower left hand corner, which will bring up 5 different save options (white text indicates a file already exists, red indicates file is empty).

and finally, i've added a "goal list" from the in game menu

goals in white text are completed, while goals in red text have yet to be completed, and the number next to the goal indicates how much cash completing that goal will give you.

Mr Matsusaka

Nice job tmoney. That's the kind of stuff that makes you to replay the game more and more.
It will increase the game value, no doubt. Keep on the good work!!!


Looking better and better with time, congratulations!


Awesome game tmoney!  I just tried it yesterday on my Caanoo and it works great.  Great graphics and music too! :) :) :)


thanks, always nice to hear positive feedback  :).

Mr Matsusaka

Hi, is this project still in progress? Would we have a new beta soon?


yes, still in progress. i may have a limited access beta in a couple weeks to get some feedback on what i've been working on. you guys from the forums will have first dibs at it.

Mr Matsusaka

Happy to hear that. I will be waiting  :)


ok, i'm pretty close to having that limited access beta ready, possibly will be ready this weekend, or else next week.  i'm just trying to quickly hammer out a playable version of a new mode...   ::)

if you are interested in testing and giving feedback, please PM me with your email address.


alright I'll be ready tomorrow, so anyone who would like to participate, please send me a personal message which includes your email address.

thanks  :)

PS: I should also mention this is just for the PC version at this time.


...hello :)

well i'm not dead. i did take a lot of time off from zombie city though... like a year and a half. but i'm back to work now. a big part of the reason i got away from it, was that the project was too big for me, and i needed to come up with a new plan on how go forward. here are the changes:

1- instead of there being 12 stories, there will be one large story. it was just too much for me to try to make 12 different stories all work together in one game, and i had been planning on making the stories extend into a second game, but that just made things even worse. so instead, i'm going with one story. the story includes pieces from a number of the stories i was planning on, but they will all be merged together.

2- zombie city lives. this is the change i am most excited about, and most proud of. the characters and... other things... in zombie city do not wait for you. in most games, npcs and events wait for you to trigger them by reaching a certain point in the game. zombie city does not do that. the events take place, and npcs move around the city whether you are there to see them or not. zombie city is a game of discovery. on your first play through, you will only see a fraction of what is happening in the city, and on subsequent play throughs, you will take different paths, choose different characters and learn how and why things are happening the way they are happening in zombie city, so that ultimately, you can learn how to save the city.

3- the one thing i've had to sacrifice to make the story work, is that you will no longer be able have other characters join up with you, or be able to switch between characters mid-game. the character you choose before you start the game is your character for that game. i know this is disappointing to hear, and i'm disappointed aswell, but unfortunately, it had to be done.

4- zombie city will be slightly larger. i've added 4 street sections to provide alternate routes so you don't have to go through the center of the city. additionally, there are some new locations within the city, and some locations will be locked and require finding a key to enter.

so i'm back to work. there's still a lot to be done, but i can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel now  ;)


well, i've been cracking away at efzc, and i wanted to post a trailer primarily because i wanted something up to date to show people on the ouya forums as i'm hoping to have it running on that console. anyways, i thought i'd post a link to the video here as well:


  That's good news. I really liked the Wiz demo :)


here's a new video with some explanation about the characters with in the city will behave: