Shrink - A tool to automatically crop fpg's.

Started by Eckolin, February 06, 2010, 01:19:05 PM

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I've written a simple tool in Bennu that crops the images in the FPG's in its directory.
Provided as-is in the hope it will be useful, but with no guarantees. Source included.

Back up your FPG's (in a different folder) first. To use, simply place the dcb in the directory with the FPG's, and run. Any control points should be automatically translated.

Ariel Yust

Hahaha I recommend everyone to use this software its awsome =] I'm using it all the time it takes off alot of MB from the memmory and saves space on HD =]

using it to all my projects ~!

thanks Ecko as usualy ur awsome =]]
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I dont understand, you mean it destroys the fpg but keep all maps on the folder as .png files or something? Why it saves memory? Please explain a little more :P
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Windgate, I understand that the program crop all images of a fpg file changing the control list points to the new position.
CROP means that erase the unnecesary transparent pixels from top, botton, left and right margins doing the image smaller.

And you need do a copy of your fpg file before execute it because this program overide the file and you can lose the original fpg file.
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Ariel Yust

@DCelso ur right at the first parts.

It does crop and save's alot of size especially for a guy like me who creates big graphics and doesn't sit and crops them acording to the real points cos it consums tons of time!

the program is 100% safe and I'v used it in several projects of mine without even 1 mistake.

all it does is save the exect graph inside the fpg with all its existing points changed acording to the croping! so when u execute the map the points will look exectly as they did before in the game but with much less memmory usage, fps and size on the driver.

less pixels to draw the faster the machine works =]

shortly give it a shot we came up with the idea that people actually need this program from personal needs so Ecko was awsome and programed it for us all :D
I advice everyone to try it out and see the results =]

think it should be part of the next Bennu pack or something, its far then usefull for any project size =] and ye its safe guys ^__^

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La momia que fuma

I didn't use it yet, but it sounds amazing, it's cool that the program reubicates control points, it'll save me a lot of time in future proyects, karma up! :)