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Started by Kordman916, August 17, 2010, 03:16:42 AM

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Hey everyone,

This happens to be my first post on these forums so I'll try to be as non-annoying as possible.

I searched the forums and there isn't much help at all on making a platform game.

So I decided to create my own topic so I could ask if anyone had a link to a tutorial for platform games or a platform game template I could use.
Just let it be known if you have a platform engine that you could donate that it will be heavily modified.

Thanks in advance,



your questions don't are annoying.

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A template for a platfom game right?
Well, you could have a look about a project I did recently, wich is an improvement of an the old
DIV Malvado game, although it doesn't use tile graphics, it has editable levels. The game and
editor + sources can be found here:

I hope it's helpfull, and for example's on designing platform games (do's and don'ts) the games from ocean
software may be good learning material, as they made both good and bad games, for instance, Lethal
weapon on the snes/amiga wich are not the same game, but the snes version is not as bad as everyone says.

You can also find some information about my malvado improvement on my website,

O, by the way, I have tried to upload my project a few times on the bennu projects page, but so far wasn't able to do so
sucessfully. Maybe it's the filesize or something.


Bennupack include ,tons  examples

the best newbie reference:


Hello and wellcome to your new adiction ;D

A platform game is not an annoying project. Everyone wants to do his/her own platform game but it needs a medium level of programming skills. There is tons of ways to do a platform game, and your main character skills will chose one of them for you. Castle of Dr Malvado is the easiest way to do a platform game, and maybe the only "template" everyone follows.

If you are new, we suggest start with simple minigames of one screen, or some starship action shooter, or top view games, it will took you some time and will help you to familiarize with Bennu. Then you can choose if you want to start a platform game.

I hope you enjoy programming ;)
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Does the Bennupack support linux versions of Bennu?


Some things might be Windows-only, but the code should work flawlessly. Some of the things included in the Bennupack are also in my PPA.


Why do I get this error when I try to run some of the examples in Bennu from the terminal in Ubuntu?

Race: doesn't exist or isn't version 7 DCB compatible


Could be that the versions of bgdi and bgdc are not the same (shouldn't be any problem anymore, but it was in the fenix days).
This is likely to  be rare. Rember, linux is case sensitive, although I'm not sure about bennu itself though.
I've head a few headaches with bugs in my malvado game when I tested it under linux, and these problems where caused by my
own inconsist use of lower/uppercase in filenames and references to them in the source files. Once I changed everything to lowercase,
the bugs where gone. Strangely, some of weird problems also occured on windows occasionally.

I bet the error message is gone if you recompile the source file. Sometimes minor revisions in bgdi require you to recompile your game.
Also, under linux you may have to add ./ before the command, this is when location of bennu is not in the shell's path. (Kinda similair with the PATH variable under dos).


please, show us this outputs:

bgdc Race.prg

ls -la

bgdi Race

include the command lines in the report (copy & paste from screen, exactly)
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Thanks for attempting to help me but I figured out what I was doing wrong.


Ok so here's the deal...

I got the examples to compile and play but some of them only show a black screen  :-\

Is this because the demo is using a renderer Linux doesn't support or what?

I have OpenGL and the latest Nvidia drivers installed.


linux is casesentive, you need use same case in the filenames and in your code. I suggest you use lowercase for all.
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I completely understand how to run a bennu program but some of the examples in the Bennupack only show a completely black window. Is it because those demos aren't supported on linux?


maybe, bennupack is window based.
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