Fpg editor in Linux?

Started by Kordman916, August 20, 2010, 07:19:18 PM

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I've created sprites for my game but I realized that there isn't a way to create a Fpg/Map file in linux that I know of.

Does anyone know how to create Fpg/Map files in linux?


FPG editor



The editor is made with bennu.

first install it using the. bat ( do it from a terminal:
cd "dir with bat"

then from a terminal type editvis, that run the program.

already in the program, click on the button "editor", another program will appear, this is the editor. select new and start doing the FPG.

el editor está hecho con bennu

primero haz doble click en el bat de instalar

luego desde una terminal escribe editvis, esto abrira una ventana. en ella haz click en el boton con circulo relleno de usar libimage (si no tienes la libreria instalada y si el circulo está relleno, claro), luego haz click en el boton editor.

el programa se puede cambiar a ingles seleccionando el idioma en el botón correspondiente. (solo cambia el idioma del editor fpg)

disculpa mi ingles, éste no es mi idioma
en humos puedes mover la camara con los cursores. es necesario para los niveles a partir del dos :)


use png instead,,


use old map and fpg tools from commanline , this link


You can also use the old "gui" fpg editor that came with fenix versions 0.84a and b.
It's quite usefull, as long as you can live with it's tendancy to crash.

Or, get hold of a copy of Div gamestudio, wich runs fine with dosbox. I still use it, but it's
limited to 256 colors, so you have to work with palettes. As for progams for drawing sprites,
you could have a look at graphx2. It supports png natively, and works on a lot of platforms.

You can also write your own tools with bennu, although it may be a lot of work, but it's certainly


Thanks for the help.

Just to let everyone know that none of the solutions you suggested worked because:

1. I'm not Spanish so I can't understand the program Prg suggested.

2. GrafX2 doesn't even support FPG's if I wanted to make an image I'd just use Gimp.

3. Some of the replies don't even make sense.

Let me be a little more clear about my question:

How would I take already made sprites and package them in a Fpg file in ubuntu?


Quote from: Kordman916 on August 23, 2010, 04:06:21 AM
Let me be a little more clear about my question:

How would I take already made sprites and package them in a Fpg file in ubuntu?
You can write a very simple BennuGD program that does just that for you. Have a look at this small one Pixel uses:


PS: BTW, If you're going to copy Pixel's script be sure to add a line to unload the graphics, otherwise adding too many pngs might eat all your RAM (if you're low on it) > Running Pixel's script for 500 32bpp pngs of resolution 800*600 would take around 1GB or RAM...


I downloaded the script but when I try to open it with bgdc no .dcb file is created.


I need the exact error and the full source -if you modified it from what's available in the Google Code page- to be able to help...


I imagine it's complaining about missing functions, if that's the case, the following code works fine for me:
[code language="bennu"]import "mod_map"
import "mod_video"
import "mod_dir"
import "mod_string"
import "mod_file"

Process main()
   from x=0 to 999;
        graph = load_png(itoa(x)+".png");
         unload_map(0, graph);