networking dll of sandman for bennu

Started by DCelso, August 20, 2008, 07:12:42 AM

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Hello to all.
Anybody have can use this dll in bennu wip 2?
In afirmative case. How?
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Great news Sandman, thanks for your work!


And a new version for the current Bennu line. Don't know if anyone still uses this library, but it was an easy fix anyway.

* 1.56 Win32 binaries, source and documentation

18-11-09: v1.56:
   Fixed functions export bug

-- Sandman


Can you tell us what improvements or extra functionalities this library has in front of Fsock, for example?

Ariel Yust

THis dll works great with Bennu unlike in Fenix me and Ecko had many problems in the Dune project =P

shame there is no way to use UDP with that dll :(
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Fsock is not easy for beginners. This dll is not as fast, but is easier in use. Some of the features that make it easier:
    * One command setup, another one for listening for connections (server) or one for opening a connection (client).
    * Sending and receiving of variables of all datatypes, graphics, files, whatever you want.
    * Download/upload meter, for measuring of speeds and totals.
    * Automatic message separation (separation string specifiable).

If you know how fsock works, stick with it, because it's faster and supports more than just TCP. But if you are not comfortable with sockets, this dll is nice. See the IRC chat tutorial for an example of how to create an IRC client with this dll.
-- Sandman


Fantastico, niet wetende dat zoiets bestond voor Fenix en Bennu :)



Ok, I was trying with fsock last week and building a client-server with 2 clients handling 2D processes... I couldn't find a good protocol, the server blocked all time... I will try with networking, thanks.
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thanks sandman... where are yours fuckins karma??!!! you need visit more bennugd... ;)
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Hi Sandman, im cheking the NETv1.54a tester and have some doubts...

It runs using the Fenix interpreter: It is just for Fenix or it must work with Bennu too?

Im trying to compilate the test using Bennu dlls, but i have the first error on:

   INCLUDE "Fenix.fh";

The file Fenix.fh doesnt exist on the test folder... And the following line is:

   INCLUDE "";

And other .inc files doesnt exist...

I almost understand the rest of the code, but I want to know if it is/will be possible to build a program in Bennu by the beggining using your library. It looks great ;)

EDIT: Yeah, I could compile and run the example on the wiki, anyway if you can answer any of my questions it would be great, the wiki example is not as good as that "Fenix" sample :P

EDIT 2: I'm not a lucky man... I am trying to build a Bennu program from the beggining with network library, my first error comes when using net_init:

init_status = net_init ( 0 , 10 , 1 );
        IF ( init_status == NET_ERROR_ALREADYINIT )
exit ( "Error, libnetwork already initialized" );
exit ( "Error, libnetwork general initialization error" );
exit ( "Error, too few connections on libnetwork initialization" );
exit ( "Error, too many listeners specified on libnetwork initialization" );
ELSEIF ( init_status == NET_ERROR_NONE )
say ( "libnetwork initialized correctly" );
exit ( "Unknown error on libnetwork initialization" );

I check all possible errors, but I always take a non specified value and get a "Unknown error on libnetwork initialization".

Im using libnetwork.dll v1.56 d18-m11-y2009 :'(
Iván García Subero. Programador, profesor de informática, monitor de actividades culturales y presidente de TRINIT Asociación de Informáticos de Zaragoza.


Sorry, I can't find the complete code of that tester anymore. It included lots of other includes I used often. It can only run on the Fenix interpreter, it's a standalone program. Type "NET HELP" to get some help.

I highly recommend the IRC Chat tutorial. It's complete and works. It doesn't show all of the functionality, but it does show the basics. Try it out and we'll chat some. ;-)

Can your variable init_status take negative values? If not, then that's the problem. I think the DLL says the function returns a dword, but that should be an int.
-- Sandman


init_status is an int, im goig to try it with dword, but I think it will be the same

The IRC example is too complex for begineers, I just want 2 players (squares) to move on screen from remote location, that's all, but with a net_init error it goes bad :-\

Thanks, I keep trying.
Iván García Subero. Programador, profesor de informática, monitor de actividades culturales y presidente de TRINIT Asociación de Informáticos de Zaragoza.


Can you send me the code? Your email address is for MSN too?

net_init returns a wrong value, don't know yet why. However, it does initialize libnetwork correctly. Turn on debugging by enabling NET.consolereports:
NET.consolereports = 1;

You can continue as if it goes ok... looking at it now.

Found it. That value is the processID of the network process that gets executed at initialization. It's not a real error, because every error is negative and positive values are allowed. Well that's the way I made the DLL. But I think it differs from the documentation, so I will fix it. Thanks!
-- Sandman