[Dreamcast,Gp2x,Pandora etc...]Vigoroth the delivery man

Started by blabla, February 19, 2011, 11:47:20 PM

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Hi to all , member from bennugd !
I will present my first project programmed in bennugd for Caanoo , Dreamcast , GP2X , GP2X Wiz , Mac OSX and more.
This is a port of a game which was on DS programmed in microlua , Vigoroth the delivery man.


Vigoroth is a group of 4 mini-games where you must help Vigoroth to deliver packages.
He must deliver to the people , travel ten km , help serial killer to empty their garbage and protect packages.
The game is available in french and in english.

Screenshots :

Download :

Version Dreamcast
Version GP2X
Version Pandora (OpenPandora)
Version Wii
Version Windows
Version MAC OSX

Official Website : http://vigorothlivreur.ucoz.com/
French forum : http://www.bennugd.fr/index.php?mod=forum&ac=voir&id=344

Make comment , suggest and more here.

Dreamcast : Not tested but should work.Maybe you having a problem with controls.
GP2X : Not tested but should work
Pandora : Not tested
Windows : Works perfectly
Mac OSX : Not tested
Wii : Works (V 1.0 , the version 1.21 will be available soon)

Thanks to Beredezebe to compile for the Wii version.


Great!!! The Dreamcast version is made with Fenix ?
Please explain all ports :)


Ok , i will explain all ports.

Caanoo/Wiz : Programmed in Bennu , mouse supported.
Dreamcast : Programmed in Fenix , use the chui port , no mouse supported , cdi can be burned with Alcohol 120%.
GP2X : Programmed in Fenix , use ultimate fenix , no mouse supported.
Windows/Mac OSX : Programmed in Bennu , mouse supported.

Soon : Wii version for tomorrow.Mouse supported , rumble support , programmed in bennu.

I hope making a port for GP32.



For pandora , it's in progress.
And There's a port on Dingoo ? I thought it was not finished.



Download Lastest BennuGD Release: http://www.bennugd.org/node/2


Monstruos Diab├│licos

"A PAck of classic GAMEs For BennuGD" en desarrollo


The PSP version would be possible in c or in lua but not with bennugd. (The Bennu port on psp is too limited)
But now , The pandora version is available ! This is the first bennu game for Pandora ! Yeah ! (it seems to me)
Also , i fix a problem in the translation in the Windows version.
First post updated !


It's only the first Bennu pandora game if it works perfectly, and in a public way at this forum, because in private you don't know it xDD



I've copied the graphics from Pokemon ruby/saphir , Kirby dreamland 3 , Rpg Maker Xp and else i've make some graphics.
I've make a video to show you my game :


Quote from: FreeYourMind on February 20, 2011, 02:50:56 PM
Stolen not, copied...
Po kemon coninues having it  ;D
lool ;D ;D ;D
i'm try to load youtube video on phone T.T


Wii version available ! (But there's no music yet)
First post updated !
Thanks to Beredezebe to compile for the Wii version.