My new project, a library for creating gui's.

Started by handsource-dyko, June 12, 2013, 01:50:38 PM

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After a good three months of coding, I present my latest project: dyko gui library.
It's quite straightforeward and basic, but comes with example programs and a html based documentation manual.

You can download it here from my google code page:
Or from dropbox:

It features functions for: buttons, bitmapbuttons, textlabel buttons, scrollbars, sliders, rotarydials, progressbars, textinput (single line only), textlabels, menus, radiogroups and checkboxes, bitmaplabels and some standard dialogs.

All of these widgets have several styling options and properties, but these are shown in the examples. Also it supports different mousepointer styles and animated cursors and tooltips.

The library is somewhat modulair and has a structured design. The sources are ordered in a logical fashion and everything is commented and documented.

Here are some screenshots (as attachments):


WOW this is awesome! I'll take a look at it.

Working on Anarkade. A couch multiplayer 2D shooter.



Downloading right now

Thanks a lot for sharing
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