Skylark, RPG platformer for Caanoo

Started by BlackCurtain, May 05, 2011, 04:00:02 PM

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QuoteI just wanted to make sure people knew about the game before it was finished, unlike Arora Rift.
yea better policy


Here's the title screen. The grass in the background is animated, waving in the wind.



The Skylark demo is now available for Caanoo and Pandora.

Caanoo release: download
Pandora release: download

Secondary Caanoo download
Secondary Pandora download

NOTE: As the Pandora is a much more powerful device, it have allowed me to use nicer graphics filtering in the Pandora version, which makes the graphics look a lot smoother. It also has twice the in-game resolution than the Caanoo version.


is the same of the riotdigital contest???

tomorrow is the last day for present the games, good luck but no win to my game:
panta vs dragon





Yes it's the RIOTdigital competition.

The PC version can be downloaded here


good job on it. like I said earlier alot of the sprites remind me of castlevania. 1 of the frames looked exactly like this scene I could not jump across this 1 gap (which is above what i was talking about). The jumping seems a little too fast and should be palced to another key like the space bar or z(for the pc version) and have a key like x the attack. Why is it when you pull your sword the character literally moves aside a couple pixels? I found there to be a little too many of those guardian things once you enter the castle and they are far too easy to kill (just crouch down and attack them). I found in a couple rooms there were too many hoards of enemies spawning at a time. and entering the save room didnt seem right, you enter in from the right, yet you enter from the left of the screen. animation could be more fluid.

This shows promise, improve upon it please.


So what if it reminds you of Castlevania? The scene you talk about look nothing alike. I can show you the source 3d models that I have modeled and rendered the sprite off.

Rendering from 3ds MAX:



Nice rendering, did you model it in 3ds max? I also model (architectural) buildings in google sketchup and revit, but making a good rendering
is tricky. Revit uses some new rendering system that's easy to use.


Quote from: handsource-dyko on July 11, 2011, 09:20:50 AM
Nice rendering, did you model it in 3ds max? I also model (architectural) buildings in google sketchup and revit, but making a good rendering
is tricky. Revit uses some new rendering system that's easy to use.

Yes, it's from 3dsMAX. There's where I've modeled and rendered all of the background sprites.


Honestly I explain it's very easy to understand:

Skylark is not a Castlevania

HERO is not a Wonder Boy

Pollo Pollo is a Puyo Puyo

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Quote from: FreeYourMind on July 11, 2011, 11:24:39 AM

Skylark is not a Castlevania

He's free to think so if he wants to but I'm in no way trying to copy or create a clone of Castlevania. I'm honored that he thinks it looks similar, that means the quality of the graphics meets my demands.


I tested your game yesterday on the Caanoo. Man, that demo was too short. I wanted to keep playing :P

The game is really good polished. After watching the short intro, ended by the menu with the beautiful background I knew something cool was coming.  The animations and gameplay are fluid, although I would prefer a little more freedom to move to the sides while jumping.

Being used to RPG like Ultima Underworld or nethack/slashem I normally don't care about graphics. I really liked your sprites, though. The backgrounds were good ( Commercial good actually ), but I wasn't astonished.  However when I entered into the castle I become speechless. The columns in the distance gave a great immersive feeling . I could barely fight while watching at the effect XD

I didn't find a shield yesterday, so the only suggestion I had was to add the ability to use a shield with a button. Today I played it again and I figured out that is already implemented :) The movement is a little slow, though.

Thank you for sharing this great game. I'm eager to play the final version.