questions about different ports and something else

Started by MisterN, May 27, 2011, 01:43:39 AM

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1. does this also work on fenix and is the coding similar to how it is on bennu for this?

2. with the wii port of bennu, do you need the homebrew channel (which in a way "jailbreaks" your wii, which i wont do) or can it run from an sd card? i know someone who has stuff running like that but he wont discuss how.

3. is there a psp port?


For question 3... The search tool exists for something  :D


There is a 3d8mee for Bennu and other for Fenix, but be carefull, every version of Bennu or Fenix is different, so look for correct version.

The Wii port needs Homebrew Channel. But if you have the official SDK (2000$), a license to public your games on wiiware or DVD (more $) and permission of Nintendo, you can do your own port of Bennu to works on non-modifieds Wiis.
It's the same in every console, but GPH an dingoos.
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