The wiki is being used for spam!

Started by Sslaxx, June 22, 2011, 03:29:19 PM

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I don't know how long everyone has been around here, so let me tell you the story. 3 or 4 years ago I started the wiki, back then it was for Fenix. At a certain point it was converted to Bennu and has been like that ever since. Many, many hours have gone into documenting Fenix/Bennu on there. Some other users have added some documentation as well, but it's still so that probably 90% or 95% is of my hand. I can tell you that it saddens me greatly as well to see it go to waste like this. I don't know who or why my admin privileges were revoked as at that time I was actually still the most active contributor. I don't know why DCelso deleted the Beginner's tutorial (was at the end of a spam cleanup, so probably he looked at the size of the pages or something). I do know that this has gone long enough.

Who is in charge at the moment? Shape up or get someone else to do it.
-- Sandman


I feel, since you are the orginal creater, should have the ultimate authority over the wiki. I realize that is a bit against the spirit of a wiki,
but if it is maintained by only a few selected people, the quality and consistancy of the wiki is ensured. I envision a system where all users can contribute by submitting additions and remarks, and that the maintainers review it for accuracy and quality (but not as rigid like a peer review system).

The wiki and the spanish manual (when translated) could become the "official" manuals for bennu programming. Although I must say that the manual that came with DIV gamestudio was and to some extend still is a good source of information as well. Anyway, the wiki must stay anvailible, as it's the only comprehensive documentation in english.


Save everything you have and make your own wikia


I don't want remove wiki, but what we can do for get a solution for this problem?
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shouldnt the owner/admin of the wiki be able to look at every single page on one page (like a portal)? Delete everything, then make it so you cant add or edit anything. Or like I said shut down the wiki temporarily for cleaning, create a downloadable version of that wiki. Or make a temporary wikia page that has everything.


Just wrote an email to DCelso (opne of the wiki admins) to ask him to make me administrator, too.


DoctorN. I failed creating a new account on the Wiki, so I sent a message to Dcelso a couple of days ago asking for help. I also told him about your problem, but I'm still waiting for an answer. As a matter of fact, he hasn't been online for almost a month! I hope he is ok.

I don't know whether the wiki will stay (hope so) or if we'll have to make a new one. Anyway,  I made a list of missing information (mainly functions) here: ( ). I would gladly write articles too in the meantime, but my Bennu's knowledge it's not a lot better as my English skills :P