Bennugd wont start

Started by the_master1124, July 22, 2011, 10:02:28 PM

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OK, I downloaded and installed bennugd for windows onto my C drive and then I clicked on bgdc.exe and bgdi.exe.

I get a dos or an NT message for a split second and then it shuts down.

I cant use bennu.

Please help.


did you program a game? you need an IDE to program the games. I suggest getting bennupack.


You need to read tutorials before you start (see bennu wiki or spanish tutorial from osk).
Bennu is a command line program.


Whoa, that was fast!

I downloaded the bennupack. I believe it's toolsr2.2 installer.rar and I will check it out.

I checked the wiki page in the faq, the link description said instructions for windows, but the wiki page said Tutorial:Setting up Bennu on Linux.

But thanks a lot for the help.