On the monolithic approach I use in the Wii, iOS & Android systems

Started by josebita, August 04, 2011, 01:09:03 AM

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I've written an article on both the bennugd-wii and bennugd-mobile blogs describing to some extent how the monolithic architecture has been designed.
I owed this to Splinter and also believe it can serve a good read to anybody wanting to knows a bit more about BennuGD.


Interessting stuff, especially since the internals of bennu are kind of mysticial/magical to me. This material is a good for the wiki.
I have always wondered if dll's (or modules) for bennu have to be written exclusively in C, or if it's possible to write them
in pascal too. I know Lazarus has a feature to convert c header files to pascal. I'm not too familair with C, I just wonder if I
could create a dll version of dykodialogs. Just a side note, there once was a module called mod_ffi, that allowed to invoke os
api's from a bennu program. Why has it disappeared? Because it could be really handy for some things.