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Started by josebita, May 11, 2009, 07:41:57 PM

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I'm uploading a new version of the Image library to my PPA.
I've modified the sources (with Splinter's help) to support 32 bpp modes.
If compilation goes fine, it should be ready for Ubuntu soon. If someone wants to compile it for windows, sources are linked in my PPA's page, but I will try to do it asap.


I have compiled the version with 32 bits support library for win32.
You shouldn't need any additional libraries, as libpng, libjpeg and libgif are statically linked to the library.

I hope it works for you too.
Again, many thanks to Splinter for his help with this.


My sites:
Smart Fpg Editor - Painless FPG Edition for Bennu and PixTudio
fenixlib - .NET support for manipulating PixTudio, Bennu and Div graphic formats


Thanks. Could you post the source?
-- Sandman


Sure, the source is in my ppa:
Scroll down to bennugd-module-image-1.0 and click on the little arrow on the left.


Here's a version that's more in the style of Bennu's module stuff. And the printf's are removed (why were they in there?). Also the code is a bit cleaned up here and there.
-- Sandman


Thanks :)
The printfs were removed from the windows binary I uploaded. They were there for debugging purposes.
I'll try to compile your version, too, but I want to improve a couple of things first.


Sure thing, didn't change much. Post back on addition you did, then I'll document the functions. Perhaps this module can then be added to the list.
-- Sandman


After instaling this library the constans of  grafic_info doesn't work. Why?