[DIV/FENIX/BENNU] any other ways of scrolling?

Started by MisterN, September 05, 2011, 11:00:24 PM

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do you know if there is another, non-complex way to scroll? dreamcast wont accept the regular scroller so I was wondering If someone has built a scroller-like thing. If you give me "oh its for bennu" bla bla bla, It will probably work on Fenix 0.93, dont think this is fenix 0.84 (scrolling worked on that one lol). If it uses a dll I cant use it. But Im sure if there was code, I can use it in some way. Thanks


Well, you can just use processes: give the scroll background image to a process and move it manually.
That will probably be slower than using regular scrolls, though.


You can also manipulate the scroll camera and it's coordinates by working on the scroll structure. (scroll.x0,scroll.y0, scroll.x1, scroll.x2 etc can be modified in manual scrolls).