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Started by shametblame, December 09, 2011, 12:43:12 PM

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Hello everyone!

As you might know, BennuGD was ported on Dreamcast :

I have always been a big Dreamcast and I like making some aplications for this machine. I used to code with SDL (which was porte on Dreamast by Chui) but since I am only a novice who makes applications in his free time, I would need a higher level library - with dedicated functions for animations, collisions etc.

So I was very happy to learn that BennuGD was ported on Dreamcast !
I followed a few tutorials and made a basic application (that displays "hello" on the screen) and before moving forwards, I would like to port this basic application on Dreamcast. And I just don't know how to create a propre CDI image.

I don't know if someone has already experience with this and could help me.
Exemples for Dreamcast can be downloaded here :

And the doc file says this :

1. compile prg file with current bennupack 2.2,
   and remember, dc root directory are "cd",
   byex: fpg_open("/cd/file.fpg");

2. rename .dcb file to main.dcb

3. copy all resources to same dcb directory

4. copy all files(dcb and resources) in bennu dc executable directory. "bennu dreamcast.exe"

5. create a cdi image with bootdreams

6. ready  !!!


Run in nullDC emulator and enable keyboard / mouse emulation.
Bugs: sound and music not work ok.. soon..

Key maps:

    DC_START ------- RETURN
    DC_A ----------- s
    DC_B ----------- d
    DC_X ----------- a
    DC_Y ----------- w
    DC_LEFT -------- LEFT
    DC_RIGHT ------- RIGHT
    DC_UP ---------- UP
    DC_DOWN -------- DOWN

Other gamepads please use  "mod_joy" library.."

I don't know what this "bennu dreamcast.exe" is used for ad it is probably the source of my problem.
What should I do with it ?

Thanks !


Whouaaaa!! It should be OK now !!! :)
The Youtube video was posted yesterday, did you post it just because of my post ? THANKS !

I come back to you if I have more questions !


It works like a charm.