Internet games - Can Bennu do it?

Started by cmunoz, December 11, 2011, 02:59:39 AM

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This is a general question, I'm not asking for how to do this exactly, just some general advice regarding if BennuGD is right for me and what direction I should head in.
I'm new to BennuGD and have been learning a little about using it, I just created a little app that reads the buttons for a Caanoo and displays the input graphically onscreen. It can be found here:,0,0,0,4,816

I am seriously interested in creating games, and I have a lot of great ideas and some working demos in flash actionscript 2, but I'm trying to find the best solution for creating games. Here's a breakdown of what I'd like to do:

Short term: make a game that can be played by anyone at their computer when they go to a particular website. Is this something that can be done in BennuGD? Can a website run the game and have the runtime stored somewhere to read from, or can I compile it to a single file instead of having loose files in a folder? I'd like it to be accessible from as many platforms as possible, and be easily accessible to a lot of people.

Medium term: have a two player game and when someone visits the site to play the game, a server links them up to another player who is looking for an opponent.

Long term: have a site where people can log in and it keeps track of their wins/losses on the game.

Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.


bennu soon be port to "html5" o "actionscript flash"  already exists converters  to that

not time is available to test this web techs..


current, Bennu includes multiplayer libraries to execute in windows/linux and consoles...
please check dll examples in bennupack ...  web server is available as example..