Difference in bennu's 8 bit fpg/map/pal formats compared to DIV?

Started by handsource-dyko, March 06, 2013, 03:12:28 PM

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New dev version of malvado 1.8 uploaded. Includes editart tool that I mentioned.  The mapeditor has gotten a mayor overhaul.
See documentation in "dev-docs/mainpage-editart.html" and the sources in "src/editor-editart/*.prg" for details about editart. It is split in two sections, "mainloop_create_art.prg" that does the grayscale conversion, and "mainloop_edit_art.prg" that is the basic drawing program.

Android version comes when bennu-android is ready.


Some new levelmaps, but they are not in the game yet. (I'm running out of ideas for levels).