3D Engines and Development

Started by Imerion, January 20, 2014, 01:08:45 AM

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Hi everyone!

I haven't been reading here for a while, but I tried to catch up. There's one thing I'd be interested to know though, which I couldn't find much info about on the forum.
Is there any progress on the 3D engines for Bennu? I'd love to have a good one, but development seems to have stopped for all promising projects.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have published my latest game made in BennuGD here : http://neotron-games.blogspot.se/2013/02/prometheon.html
Please check it out!

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yes bennugd use any 3D engines ...

bennugd 3D


other 3d engines in bennugd
available in dll examples in bennupack

not modeling experience ?  then ..   3d models and free 3d resources... !!!


I enjoy playing here so much. Knowledge has many


thanks and congrats Imerion for your game!
Download Lastest BennuGD Release: http://www.bennugd.org/node/2


Hi there!

I'm considering making a 3D game soon, I was thinking something set on the high seas, something spooky, Lovecraftian horror...

I have experience with some 3D modelling and unwrapping/texturing although not animating. So I have some experience working with 3D models and games though not much :)

Both Yeti3D and M8EE seem promising, which would you recommend for an English person unable to read up all the help topics on the forum? I'm worried about there not being enough documentation, or implemented collisions in the engines, haha.