Not 64-bit yet??

Started by ReBoot, December 27, 2012, 06:11:36 PM

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I hope the engine becomes 64-bit soon :-\ , or at least by the time HTML5 is fully developed and implemented. I see the engine has been ported to SO many platforms (including the 128-bit Dreamcast), and yet it's not natively 64-bit. I'm sure I don't have to mention all the benefits and advantages of 64-bit, but at least take into account the significant performance benefits.

Also, take into account that most modern computers, and certainly nearly all new computers are 64-bit oriented. Even some handheld devices are becoming 64-bit compatible. On nearly all current operating systems, there is a focus on 64-bit development, and only using 32-bit compatibility libraries (as mentioned in the Bennu wiki even). Even more so, windows 8, I believe, was intended to be 64-bit only, without reverse 32-bit compatibility; despite windows 8 being not much of a success so far, the intent is clear (particularly of a multi-billion dollar world-wide company ... more of a monopoly really).

I would put it to a vote, although some 64-bit supporters may have already skipped over the Bennu engine. Personally, I don't see why engines start out with 32-bit; they ought to first develop 64-bit and then later support 32-bit too. I've never seen it done though.

Anyway, please consider pushing for 64-bit native support. I think it's pretty important, especially for future development of games.

P.S. You also might want to advertise on some linux gaming sites, like Linux Game Database, and such. I only heard of it through a mention on an open-source game's forum.


sorry... we aren't (I don't) a multi-billion dollar world-wide company... this isn't my job... I can't give me this luxuries... this is my hobbie... I do that I can...

you can compile bennugd in 64 bits... but I'll don't give you technical support for it...

you aren't serious with this... bennugd isn't a project that start in 64bits time... bennugd was begun when 32 bits was popular... then you can't ask us that we was must begun it in 64 bits, when, 64 bits don't was popular when bennugd started

I'll to work in a 64 bits, in the future, but not now...

I think that we are starting with the left feet...
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I think someday BennuGD will go on 64 bits, but not yet. BennuGD's games won't take any advantage (or even, they may even go slower) from a 64 bit version. When dealing with 2D games, RAM is not a problem at all, and if anyone needs something like 64 bit ints, he or she will be doing something really wrong.

As long as the operating systems have a compatibility layer to use 32bit apps, there's no real need to have a 64 bit version of BennuGD.


32 bits is simply good enough for our purposes. 64 bit processors exist since the 90's, but very few 64 systems run true 64 bit code. The N64 and the Dreamcast mostly ran 32 bit code. 64 bits is only usefull if you create databases, 3d modelling programs or mathematical modelling software. For a lot of software, 32 bits is good enough. In fact, even 8/16 bit systems are still beeing used (in microcontrollers), simply because it's suffiecient for their application. The transition to 64 bits is still taking place and 32 bits will co-exist along with it for a few more years I think.

Also, some 32 bit systems (windows 95/98) where partly 16-bits. Why would you need 64 bit integers anyway? I often use single bytes for counters because they don't need to use big numbers. More bits = more memory required = expensive. :D A 64 bit int takes a whopping 8 bytes! Now that's a total waste of memory if you only use the variable for a small counter or a flag.

The only noteworthy benifit would be the ability to adress more then 4GB without bankswitching techniques. It's companies like autodesk and adobe that need 64 bits because they code there stuff inefficiently with lots of overhead. A lot of their stuff is getting slower with each version.... ;D The computers are getting faster, but I barely notice it with autodesk software.


Quote from: PiXeL on December 27, 2012, 08:18:32 PM
[size=78%]As long as the operating systems have a compatibility layer to use 32bit apps, there's no real need to have a 64 bit version of BennuGD.[/size]
I was the one saying those words a few months ago, but now I see it's not true, at least in Linux.

In order to install 32 bits' BennuGD in Linux you will need to install A HELL of 32bit dependencies.
In Windows there's no problem as Windows 7 & 8 has its WOW64 preinstalled, but many Linux won't.


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No hurry! Don't worry and thanks for your effort! :)