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Started by square, November 18, 2015, 06:33:19 PM

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The wiki has been bugged again.

I think it needs a security update. As the main reference for all English documentation I'd hate to see it die.

Who is in charge of the admin there? Sorry I've forgotten. I'm thinking about creating a good tutorial, and making things clearer for setting up Bennu in Windows with IDE.

I would reinstate a web/forum for bennugd that works in English if that seems a good idea? What do you guys think?


Pixel is running the website right now. Maybe the wiki needs to be updated.

You're right, right now the wiki is the only available documentation, it can not be lost
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It won't be lost, but we'll probably need to make it static as I can't be patching it every 3 months...


Well, it's serving it's purpose.

If it has to be static, sure (I don't think anyone is updating it currently)


I can host the wiki in my server for free if you want.
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I can't affect that Grew. Thanks for offering. Pixel?

When I use Bennu I also use the reference function for the online wiki, as any BennuGD programmer using ConTEXT (I think?)

Also of interest, someone is selling a book on ebay, called BennuGD using "High Quality Wiki Reference Code Examples" at £40 a book.


no ship to spain, interesting  >:(


Strange! Yes definitely something is up.

Thanks Grew but we have a plan to host it. I'm looking after the wiki with Sandman hosting all going well.