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Since the div2 port is now nearly finished, it's time to start adding new features. In addition to high colour, what should we have in the new IDE and engine?

Post your comments here and i will add them to the lost and evaluate them for inclusion :)

The ability to render an scroll on a map is very useful. Mostly for zoom effects :)

Also, to should definitely take a look at the features added by fenix and BennuGD through the years, like the alpha local variable, for example.
They become so familiar to the community, that I couldn't imagine not having them in DIV

Just don't open the box of thunders, or you're goint to be overflowed with suggestions :D
But I always missed a good sound library... ok, maybe mod sound library may I say, because today I cannot make games with speed selector, manual loops, runtime activation/deactivation of channels... the cool mod stuff :D
But also I cannot compose music, so... :P

DIV has always supported MOD files - and soon will support VGM music

also, the local alpha (transparent) var is in progress for the 32bits version :)


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