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Started by handsource-dyko, August 01, 2012, 11:43:22 AM

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I've been looking in the sources of bennu and saw that there now exists a OS_ID constant for IOS.  Does the Android version use OS_LINUX as value for OS_ID? I may want to do some tests with malvado and mod_multi on the galaxy S2 some time and want to hack some touch controls into game. I'll have mod_multi for windows already, so I can easily prepare for an Android version when feel like to. Also does the Android port support Icontrolpad or keyboard emulation?


yes they are.... look again



So Android is treated as IOS? That's funny.  ;D Maybe future versions should have an OS_ID=OS_ANDROID?



Maybe a source from the monolythic version? I couldn't find in the repo browser, where I normally look.
OS_IOS is reconized, but OS_ANDROID gives a token error, wich I expected.


sorry I have a mistake, ios id exist because it cames from bennu oficial version, android id I think josebita don't implement yet the definition


In my monolithic branch, OS_ANDROID should work. Since you have to compile with the official version, you can use OS_ID==1003, which is the value for OS_ANDROID.

I don''t typically ask Splinter to add numeric codes until the port is, at least, usable.